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Can radar scramblers actually jam radar laser

Sep 29, 2007 – NIWOT, CO -Here is a great radar scrambler question and an answer to the question of whether radar scramblers can do what they claim. You can pay for a Rocky Mountain Radar, radar scrambler which has never passed a Speed Measurement Labs jamming test, and get a ticket at some point in the future, or you can spend wise money and get the best radar detector and best laser jammer to stop the tickets.


From Y: Please, I bought a Rocky Mountain Radar basic model detector with Laser Scrambling claimed. I got it at Radio Shack on sale. What is the truth to RMR claims of the Phantom or ? of its units actually jamming/scrambling actual radar, in any form? The list you have shows them as being worthless basically. I don’t even know how one would test the laser scrambling ability in my cheapie DLS 310. Much less how to tell if the pork radar guns are being scrambled. I know a little about radar. Any help is much appreciated. Y

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From: Applied Technologies USA To: ‘Y’ Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 1:50 PM Subject: RE: 1-Radar E-mail

RMR has been tested for radar jamming performance since 1993 by companies such as Speed Measurement Labs, Car and Driver, AutoWeek, etc., and every highway radar jamming test conducted by these companies have proven RMR products can not jam radar on the open highway. RMR offers bench test results, but that is the same as a cop sitting on your hood at 85mph trying to get the speed of your vehicle. How close does the cop and radar gun have to be to a passive scrambler to show positive test results. RMR began offering radar detectors with their scrambler products some years ago, but the radar detection performance is average and tends to offer false noise alerts. RMR laser jamming performance has been tested since they introduced their version of laser scramblers about 6 years ago, and every test conducted to date by Speed Measurement Labs shows RMR can not jam laser guns.

Applied Technologies USA recently tested their new $60 laser scrambler at Speed Measurement Labs 2006 against a Kustom Pro Laser gun, the easiest to jam, and the RMR laser scrambler did not jam the laser gun at all at any distance. Here is a simple explanation why radar scramblers do not work. When radar strikes your car, the metal reflecting surface area of a typical car is about 1000 square inches for a car, 1500 inches for a pickup truck and reflects a Doppler signal back to the radar gun equal in size as your metal reflecting area of the vehicle you are driving. The radar scrambler provides a 2 square inch antenna which reflects a 2 square inch noise pulse towards the radar gun. 1000 / 2 = 500; 1500 / 2 = 750 Your car or truck creates a Doppler signal 500 – 750 times larger than what RMR reflects back to the radar gun. RMR signal strength is not strong enough to defeat even the weakest radar guns, let alone a highway radar gun operating between 35 and 50 milliwatts of energy. Laser is a small narrow beam aimed at the license plate. Given that RMR radar scramblers are installed in the windshield, the radar scrambler can not detect the laser down on the license plate. RMR scramblers use perhaps 2 infrared diodes to transmit a blanking pulse, but because it is up in the windshield and can not detect the laser beam down on the license plate, it is ineffective. A good laser jammer is installed in the grille and at a minimum has 20 infrared LEDs.

If you want high performance, RMR test results would seem to prove their products do not provide performance to jam radar or laser, as their products. Neither RMR nor Radio Shack offer high performance products, but they do offer low priced products. If you are looking to save money when you buy a radar scrambler, you are buying a product that may or may not detect when it must do so, which means the money you save to by a cheap product will be the money you spend in the future on a ticket. Is that why you would buy a low performing radar scrambler? If a company can not back up a “CLAIM” that it’s product or products can jam radar and laser, then you should think twice. Click on the 2nd link below of our laser jammer defeating a Stalker LZ1 laser gun. Do you find performance videos on RMR web site like this with actual product tests conducted by Speed Measurement Labs?

It is easy to provide a low priced product with a claim that it jams everything! It is quite another thing to prove the claim with real highway performance tests conducted by an objective test facility, not with words on the product box. Regards, www.AppliedTechnologiesUSA.com

—————— Thank you. A very comprehensive answer!

Call 1st Radar Detectors in Canada at 250-324-8004 or in the USA at 720-635-3931 to discuss your requirements and we will figure out what what you need for your business or your vehicle, and find a US/Canada installer for you. Regards, John Turner

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