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Tesla Roadster needs radar, laser and photo.

Mar 25, 2009 – NIWOT, CO –

The Tesla Roadster is one of the fastest accelerating vehicles available. It is a true electric vehicle and could use laser protection, photo detection and radar detection.
Tesla Cockpit. You can install the STi-R display, 2″ wide x 1/2″ height at the bottom of the speedometer instrument panel
Cockpit of the Tesla Roadster is not burdened with unnecessary clutter. The STi-R control module can be located on the center console using an adhesive sticky backing, which allows the driver to control power on/off, volume and programming of the STi-R.
Rear laser jamming installation: note there are two locations at the top recess of the license plate location, noted in red rectangles. There are also two locations under the rear spoiler. Both locations are good for two laser jammer modules in the rear. I personally like the rear spoiler locations.
The Tesla has great front grille locations for laser jamming. The four locations shown would be for an M45 laser jammer. If you only wanted two of the four laser jammers installed in front, I would install the two outer locations, but move both modules inboard by 6 inches each.
The Tesla Roadster has a nice center console which can be used to discreetly locate controls and power switches. You can do this with a good installer in such a way as not to drill into the dash or center console.
If you have a good installer, it is possible to remove the LED Digital Matrix display from the STi-R display module and install it into the speedo display. This is more expensive to provide this level of perfection and discretion and takes a very good installer to do it right.
Photo speed cameras come in a variety of packages, but are installed at major road intersections and along side suburban highways. The average speed camera produces about $1M / year in revenue. In Phoenix, Washington DC, most major California cities, Eastern Canada cities, Houston, the typical speed camera produces more than $2M / year in funds. And in most cases, you don’t get points until after 5-10 tickets in the mail. I wonder why? Could it be they want the money more than they want safety? What do you think?
Laser beams are relatively small in diameter. Most laser guns are used at the 300 to 600 foot range, where the beam is 6″ to 15″ wide. If that beam is aimed down on your license plate, if you have a radar detector up in the windshield, it will probably not detect the laser. If by chance it does detect the beam, remember, it is aiming only at you. They already have your speed. Laser jammers can only protect you from a laser gun.

Tesla Motors offers the Tesla Roadster, which is a two seater sports car. We discuss installation of laser jammers, photo speed camera detection and radar detection.

There are some extremely good radar detector systems, such as the Passport 9500ci radar and laser jammer system. The Escort 9500ci combines an electronically invisible radar detector with a GPS radar detector and ZR4 Laser Shifter laser jammer. There are the traditional radar products that are designed for hidden installation such as K40 Calibre, Passport SRX and SR7, Beltronics RX75, Bel STi-R installations to protect the driver from radar and laser speed traps. The K40 Calubre, SRX, SR7 are rather poor performance comapred to the 9500ci radar detector, photo radar detector and laser jammer system. But the STiR Plus and HP905 Quad laser jammer is even better then the Passport 9500ci. The ZR4 laser shifter has not been updated since 2010 and can not defeat 5 of the 13 laser guns in use. If you are serious about radar detection performance or laser jamming performance or photo speed gun detectio, then we recommend the following products for best performance. If we don’t include your products of interest, the reason we do not carry some products or recommend them is performance does not meet a Best in Test level of protection.

If you want the very best with less false alerts, with radar detection of speed traps over the hill, laser jamming of all laser guns, then the STiR Plus and HP905 Quad Laser Jammer is the very best system with far better performance than all the rest. How can that be true, you ask?

We test products every year at Speed Measurement Labs, and in 2008 and 2012 the STi-R and STiR Plus from Bel proved to be the best in test of remote radar detectors. But we don’t stop there. We look for ways to provide discretion, max performance.Let’s start with radar detection:

If you want a windshield mounted radar detector, then the Bel STi Magnum or Passport 9500ix would be the best in performance. The Passport 9500ix acutally won “Best in Test” for radar detectors at the annual Speed Meaasurement Labs test in June 2009. This is not based because we sell it; but we sell them becuase they have proven Best in Test at Speed Measurement Labs:

Windshield Mounted Radar Detectors

Bel STi Magnum radar detector is the best radar detector available for USA and Canada, providing X, K, Ka superwide radar detection, electronic invisibility from police RDD (radar detector detectors). The STi Magnum provides the best distance radar detector for instant on radar and POP3 burst radar. It provides the best “Over the Hill” radar detection. It provides a long power cable, voice speaker, voice alerts…it is superb for radar detection and electronic invisibility.

Passport 9500ix GPS radar detector is 3rd best in radar detection providing X, K, Ka radar detection; and it also includes GPS Photo speed camera location alerts, but adds an additional AutoLearn feature, where you do not have to manually TAG False Alert locations. When you drive by the same false radar location 3 times in a row, the 9500ix, (500ci and STiR Plus radar detectors will remember the location and frequency and automatically assign the location as false radar and not alert to it in the future. Passport GPS updates are free for the 1st 90 days after registration, and costs tpically $29.95 per year after the 1st 90 days. The STiR Plus takes it waypast the Passport 9500ix by adding hidden installation, electronic RDD invisbility, Ka Frequency programming an da dual antenna for the very best detection of distance speed traps and Over the Hill speed traps.

Laser Jammer: Grille Mounted, Rear Bumper Mounted

Blinder HP905 Quad is a laser detector and laser jammer that is designed to alert the driver, while blocking the laser gun speed reading. There are several states where laser jamming is banned (CA, UT, OK, TN, CO, VA, NB), but there are a lot of driver’s who use laser protection anyway. Laser is a very small infrared, invisible light beam, which is aimed at the license plate or headlights/tail lights. Even ifyou have a radar detector, it might, “might” detect the laser beam, but if it does, thelaser beam is aimed at your vehicle and your vehicle only. Thus if you get a laser detection using aradar detector, it may alert, and tell you the laser gun already has your speed. If on the ohter hand, you are using a laser jammer, the laser jammer will block the speed reading while you adjust your speed, allowing you time to adjust, then turn the jammer off and allow the jammer to read your adjusted speed. Yes, you can jam al the way, called Jam to gun, but if youleave the jammer on, then the officer may then start looking at your vehicle and wonder what is going on. So, the best tactic is tobe discreet, jamming just long enough to delay the reading, then allow the laser gun to do its job.We also provide an HP905 Triple and HP905 Dual laser jammer.

Hidden Systems Combining Radar, Laser and Photo Capabilities. (These systems include a Radar Detector Visor Holder to allow hiding radar modules up on the windshield visor)STiR Plus Combo System: For those of you who want a total protection for the front of your vehicle, and you want the best available, then I would recommend this Prowler Remote Combo System, which brings three separate products together, while providing a package discount. When you combine the Bel STi-R Plus hidden radar detector with a Blinder HP 905 Quad laser jammer and APC Power Control, you get the kind of radar, laser and photo protection that people talk about, The Bel STi-R Plus remote radar detector has voice alerts, audio tone alerts, visual display alerts, has a red display, but the voice alert sounds somewhat tinny or computer generated. But the performance is absolutely superb. The HP905 Quad provides 4, compact, laser jammer modules as discussed above and is a superb laser protection. The APC Power Control is superb as you can plug your radar/laser/photo products into the APC and control all of them with one, 3 Mode Power Switch. With voice alerts, you can feel comfortable you are getting the information you need without taking your eyes off the highway.

The Passport 9500ci is similar to the PRS2-STiR+ discussed above, except it integrates three different technologies into one complete system with a GPS Photo speed camera locator, ZR4 laser jammer and Passport 9500ci radar detector. The blue display is very nice. The voice alerts are superb. The 9500ci radar detector is identical in performance to the Bel STi-R discussed above, offering electronic invisibility, but does not offer Ka Segmented programming. Alternatively, the 9500ci offers AutoLearn by automatically tagging False alert locations to reduce the level of false radar alerts caused by store front businesses using X and K band door openers. The Escort 9500ci has voice alerts, audio tone alerts, visual display alerts, just as the Bel STi-R, but has a blue display, and the voice alert sounds like Sexy Sadie. The GPS Photo speed camera alerts are free for the first 90 days, thereafter it typically costs $29.95 per year to update to the Trinity data base. This is where you get the latest speed camera locations in the USA and Canada. You only get USA and Canada updates, and the GPS antenna is not mobile between vehicles. The ZR4 laser shifter is also integrated into the 9500ci provideing 3 laser jammer modules with a 4 star performance rating. The Blinder M45 discussed above for comparison provides a 5 star performance rating and provides 4 laser modules, as compared to the ZR4 providing 3 laser jammer modules.


There are several companies who provide similar types of products, but we find the above products to be the best in the world to protect your driving. The Bel STi-R radar detector can be programmed for USA/Canada radar, or can be programmed for Euro K and Ka narrowband radar. The HP905 Quad laser jammer defeats every known laser gun world wide.

We test products each year with Speed Measurement Labs and monitor which products provide the best performance for that production year. If we don’t carry a product you are interested in or have heard about, it is because the performance is less than we wish to offer, or the product is to short in production history to verify reliability.

There are several new laser and photo products we are looking at for 2013, and if we determine performance is good to go, we will introduce those new products.

Call 1st Radar Detectors in Canada at 250-324-8004 or in the USA at 720-635-3931 to discuss your requirements and we will figure out what what you need for your business or your vehicle, and find a US/Canada installer for you. Regards, John Turner

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, APC Power Control

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual and ProDB-2 Dual PhotoBlocker

Contact 1st radar Detectors at [email protected] to purchase a radar detectorslaser jammerradar laser jammer; and a photo blocker on passenger cars, pick up trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America and New Zealand.


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