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Mercedes E63, HP905 Triple, Front Blinder Laser Jammer Installation.

Blinder laser jammer. The laser module locations are marked for perfect location on this E63. The laser jammer was installed on a Mercedes E63.  The best laser jammer today is the blinder HP905 Quad.

You can install a Blinder Laser Jammer in a Corvette.

A recent customer wanted an Blinder Laser Jammer for for his Corvette. He wants things done right and decided to install the laser jammer himself. He did an outstanding job. Take a look. Many people feel they can not install products. If you are willing to take some time and make it look they way you want it to look, the laser jammer installation will turn out fine.

Infiniti G35 gets two superb custom installed, radar detectors, front and rear, as well as 6 Blinder laser jammers!

A young lady purchased a G35 Infinity recently and wanted to install a superb radar laser jammer system into her car, a 360 degree radar laser protection. Although she was out of state, she wanted a primo installation. She drove to Boulder, CO, and let us work on her car for several days while she checked out the local area. The STiR Plus and HP905 Quad laser Jammer is a top of the line, hidden radar detection and laser jammer system. She installed a front and rear Beltronics radar detector for maximum radar detection performance to the front and rear. Yes, two of them, and well hidden from view! She wants to know if radar is in front or rear of her. The radar laser system includes 4 laser sensors, hidden into the front grille, as well as 2 more laser sensors on the rear of the vehicle. As you can see in the pictures to the right, the laser jammers are discreetly installed with the 4 laser modules in front. The owner of this G35 really liked the way the discreet installation was completed, on time and to specification. She wanted a top performance front and rear radar and laser protection, installed in a very discreet way for hidden operation and no visible changes in her cockpit. The radar displays are hidden in the cockpit display, front radar is the display at left and rear radar is the right display.

Porsche 997 Turbo Inferno, Valentine One Euro, Bad to the Bone

The Valentine 1 provides superb Euro radar detection. Given I am a passionate car freak, here is a short review of my previous cars: MB E55 AMG – very nice but too much power on back wheels to go really fast. Wheels spin all the time. Audi RS4 bi-turbo – a classic favorite Audi RS6 plus – unbelievable performance for the size. However, it is still a station wagon… BMW M6 V10 – a piece of junk, the car’s electronics do everything for you and you feel handicapped driving the dumb 16-program gear box. Porsche 993 Turbo Sportec – nice but too old now and does not handle so well on the track Porsche 964 RSR – a track beast but a little dangerous at very high speeds around the Nürburgring. Porsche 996 Turbo Sportec 550Hp – my second favorite car, after my 997 Turbo Inferno Aston Martin DB7 Vantage V12 – an exceptional GT car, the only car I shall miss for a long time. In ice blue, my wife almost killed me when I sold it. The other relevant cars I have driven: Aston Martin Vantage – a nice GT/Sports car combination, excellent handling but lacks at least 100Hp Ferrari Maranello 575 – a huge boat that lacks handling feeling. Aside from the look it is a disappointment. Ferrari F430 – a very nice beast, I would in fact buy one tomorrow if I could have an additional car in my garage. Pagani Zonda S7.3 – the most amazing drive of my life, all about sensations, emotions, with its unbelievable V12 AMG of over 620Hp. New Audi RS4 – excellent chassis but disappointing engine compared to the RS4 V6 Bi-Turbo. The car I want to drive: The new Ford GT which is the most stunning looking sports car in the world for me. Conclusion: In my view and for the price, there is nothing that comes close to my 997 Turbo Inferno today. This is a problem because I will have to keep it for the foreseeable future!!! 575 Hp – 840 Nm 0-62 mph in 3.3->3.5 sec 0-300km/h in 24->26 sec Depending on road and weather conditions, especially air temperature and humidity level. Cold and humid air significantly improves the performance. Check out the power / torque curves to the right. (before/after). This beast is quicker than a reasonably modified Porsche 996 GT2 on the track. But more importantly, it is much safer. Such an incredible car. Pagani Zonda and Ferrari Enzo owners drove my car a few week ago and they say it pushes as hard as either the Zonda 7.3S or the Enzo. The Carrera GT is left behind… Outstanding. I drove 10’000km with it since September and cannot get enough of it, even with the current winter tires, which I assume are not going to last too long. Cheers, “Dr. Eat My Exhaust” from Europe. Get the Valentine1 for good radar detection.

GumBall 3000 Rally & Torquenstein, 28 April 2006, Beltronics radar detector and Blinder Laser Jammer

Torquenstein and GumBall Rally Update: 28 April 2006. It is 5:am, April 28th 2006 and the big race is only hours away. We have prepared the car, installed some new hardware, tested out equipment and we are race ready! The last few days in a secret location we have been preparing the vehicle for Torquenstein with all the necessary equipment needed to be a contended in this years Gumball. We have some tough competition but we hope to place well to satisfy our fans. We picked up the vehicle from the auto transport and it is hidden deep in our secret laboratory waiting to be displayed in Trafalgar Square on Saturday. Come down and see the Torquenstein GT. There is a rumor that Tork and I, (Dr Gruene) will be somewhere in the city of London Saturday enjoying our time away from the laboratory. We have met some of the other teams of both veterans and green horns and we are all looking forward to the race. We met team a Team Dezastion from Flordia on our long journey into London the other day and they will be assisting us with some logistics this year! A big thanks from Tork to Team Dezastion, new to Gumball but eager to win! We had a meet and greet with a big fan this evening and got some great information out. We shared some top secret information with some of the other Gumballers 2 days ago and that should give us a huge edge over the competition. We have some inside info on the US part of the rally! More details to come after the story develops! I have attached a pictureof the cockpit of the new GT. Some of the picture has been altered as to keep certain parts of the car top secret! We look forward to seeing everyone at the car display this coming Saturday and throughout London. Also be sure to come for the launch of the rally on Sunday. Also, for all the fans along the route of the rally, come out and visit us at the check points and help us win this years Gumball 3000! Dr. Gruene, Mad-Scientists. MD, PHD

Mercedes R500 gets a Blinder laser jammer

A 2006 Mercedes R500 was upgraded with a laser blinder in the front and back of the Mercedes. Check out the Blinder laser jammer locations in front, especially the top center location.  Blinder laser jammer installed below on Mercedes RL 500.

The rear of the RL500 has a Photo Blocker installed. Take a look at the license plate. The camera could not get an image of the license plate. The photo blocker will defeat any photo speed trap and toll cameras.  The Photoblocker now supports motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Ford GT40 gets a high performance, radar detector and laser jammer installed

A customer asked what we could do for their Ford GT40 sports car. We suggested an Beltronics remote radar detector combined with an Blinder Laser Jammer. What a sweet installation. If any of our customers wants a superb radar, laser, photo installation into a high end vehicle with well thought out product layout; you will find it hard to beat the capabilities of a good installer. If your local shops do not have detailed capabilities, consider coming out to Longmont, CO on a vacation and get a superb installation. The radar detector display is fitted into the top center console of the GT40. It looks like it came from the factory. On/Off switches are blended into the cockpit design. The Blinder laser jammer is fitted into the grille, hard to see, and the laser jammer is deadly against all laser guns. Take a look at the images provided to highlight the radar laser jammer installation.

Chevrolet 3500 Dooley, 2005, gets a installed radar detector and 6 laser jammers, superb 360 protection

Speed Measurement Labs, Annual Performance Test, June 24 – 26, 2005 Hot! Hot! Hot! That’s the way it was in El Paso, Texas during the SML test this year. 114 degrees F in the sun and 105 degrees in the shade. We also met some great soldiers just back from Iraq. They were having some beers and relaxing and spent an evening by the poolside with two lovely Radar Girls, Nadia and Rosa from SML. I hope that made their day! Those soldiers were great!  The PRS1-B is a full 360 degree protection system with the following components: Dual Remote Radar Detectors for front/rear/side alerts to radar were installed. Blinder Laser Jammer with 4 laser jammer modules to detect/jam front laser and two more laser jammers on the rear to detect/jam rear laser. A front and rear photo blocker with front and rear photo radar speed trap detection/jamming was installed. Dual X/K/Ka/L Alert Displays in the cockpit of the vehicle Dual, Master Power On/Off switches, 1 each for radar detection & laser/photo jammers. The first test that was ran was for alert strength of Instant On radar at 2 miles to determine how effective the radar detectors were. The number of alert intensity bars were noted to see if the radar detector was detecting a full signal at 2 miles. The radar detector measures full intensity with 6 alert bars, and the display showed 4-5 bars on Instant On Ka radar band tests. The next test was ran for alert strength of Constant On radar at 2 miles to determine how effective the remote radar detectors were. The 2 mile distance had a typical hill between the radar gun and our truck, and the radar detector provided 3-4 bars on Constant On Ka radar band tests. We also tested RDD (radar detector detector) invisibility. Total invisibility to all RDD. The laser jammer was tested for laser jamming on the front end of our big Chevy 3500 4×4 Dooly. On a standard passenger vehicle or small pickup/SUV, an 2 laser sensors would be sufficient to detect and jam laser on the front of the vehicle, but with the Chevy 3500, (our pet phrase was “Big Ass”), requires more jamming power across the front of the vehicle, since the C3500 stands taller than most vehicles and offers a wider profile to the laser gun. Four laser jammers were installed in the front grille and 2 laser jammers were installed on the rear bumper on either side of the license plate. The test results were superb. The blinder laser jammer went up against the Kustom Pro III, Stalker LZ1, LTI, Laser Atlanta and Reigl laser guns. The Blinder laser jammers defeated each laser gun encountered at 1000 feet and 500 feet with JTG (Jam to Gun), at 97% performance, and the rear laser jammers defeated laser guns as well. The Photoblocker was also tested as part of the radar laser system to determine how well a photo radar, speed trap, camera could acquire the license plate registration. The Photo blocker designed to detect the flash of the photo camera and respond by instantly protecting the license plate with a bright, downward pointing white light. The Photo blocker causes the license plate to turn a true white when the camera tries to get a plate image, which prevents unwanted data collection by analog and digital cameras. The downward flash is safe as it does not blind a driver behind the vehicle, as does the active flash back photo blockers. The test results were 100% winning performance with the Photo blocker product, front and back on the Chevy 3500 Dooly pickup truck. Note that the license plate on the C3500 truck was shielded from the camera by the Photoblocker.

Valentine One and LASER BLINDER installed into 1997 Ford F250

Ford F250 Power Stroke installed with dual Valentine One radar detectors, Blinder Laser Jammer and Photo Blocker. 1st Radar Detectors, during the June 07 time frame, I called you for help on the installation of the laser jammers I purchased from you for my F250 truck. Since you did not have a Ford truck in the INSTALLS section of your web site, you asked if I would send pictures once I completed the install. The included CD contains the pictures of my 1997 Ford F250 Power Stroke Diesel pickup truck. I did the installation of all the countermeasures. In the front grill, there are two laser jammers and in the front bumper, there are two more laser jammers. My state does not require a front license plate, so I installed a plain white plate on the front bumper between the two laser jammers to give the bogey something to aim at. On the bottom of the rear bumper, there are two more laser jammers, so I have full protection front and rear using your Blinder laser jammers. This truck is driven to construction sites, so I made enclosures out of diamond plate for the jammer modules to keep them from being damaged by road debris. The inside of the enclosures are painted black to camouflage the laser sensors. There is a photo blocker over the license plate. The top of the photoblocker is covered by diamond plate to protect it from damage. Inside the cab, there are two Valentine1 radar detectors. One is located at the center top windshield by the rear view mirror and the other on the driver’s side dashboard. There are two V1 remote displays located on the dashboard just above the turn signal lever to provide a one stop view of radar activity from both detectors. Since they are close to the speedometer, you can also view vehicle speed at the same glance. You ask, “Why two V1’s?” About six months ago, I had a V1 that failed resulting in a traffic ticket. I decided to purchase another detector in case one failed. To see what the competition had to offer, I purchased an Passport 9500i. After the V1 was repaired and reinstalled, I compared the two. In 99.9% of the radar situations, the V1 provided 3 to 10 seconds (on average) earlier warning than the Escort Passport 9500i. That’s when I dumped the Passport 9500i and purchased another Valentine One. The Valentine1 located in the top windshield provides superb rear radar detection. From the front, the one located on the dashboard in most cases does a better job. It’s interesting to compare the two. I am thinking about how to remote one of the Valentines to the outside of the vehicle, and will call to discuss with you on that subject. More to follow! Enjoy the pictures and thank you for the help with the laser jammers. Call to discuss the Beltronics STi radar detector for future consideration. It is superb! Thank You. JK in the USA” JK, very good work on the F250 and excellent feedback on product performance. Regards, Jamie

2006 Corvette C6 Installation, laser jammer

This is an installation done by one of our customers. If you take time, you can do this level of installation and save money. This corvette runs a Blinder Laser Jammer and Beltronics radar detector. The radar display is located at the top center of the Corvette and is very discreet. Looking into the Corvette, the display of is in easy view of the driver when the radar detector alerts. It is located very discreetly, where people outside the vehicle, looking inside, would not know the Corvette has a display installed. The power button is located in the center console, and looks as if it came from the factory, as installed. Nice installation, isn’t it? The laser jammer provides 4 laser jammer sensors around the Corvette

Kelly Capital of San Diego drives a 2007 Porsche with a remote radar Detector and 4 laser jammers

1st Radar Detectors and Jamie, the attached pictures are from our 2007 Gumball 3000 Rally. The car is a 2007 Porsche 997 twin turbo with a Revo tuned computer and exhaust making 600 AWHP, 625lbs ft of torque. We added the lights, sirens, Valentine One and Blinder M45 for additional safety and protection from unwanted delay. The car performed flawlessly as did all equipment resulting in our completing the rally without a single speeding ticket. We did manage to get stopped and ticketed in Germany along with most of the other participants for participating in an illegal road race. Four hundred and forty Euro fine per car and a one hour delay that ended with a police escort to the Frankfort-Hahn airport. We also got pulled over in Montenegro after using the lights and sirens to negotiate about 20 miles of two lane road and safely passing a traffic accident before reaching a police check point. The police waived us over looked at our passports and told us to slow down but never even mentioned the lights and sirens. Our rally was cut short do to a tragic accident in Montenegro resulting in two deaths at which time the rally was cancelled out of respect for the deceased. This unplanned cancellation detoured us to Zagreb Croatia for a night and we dropped the cars off in Vienna Austria the next day to be shipped home to San Diego. We are using the same car for 2008 Gumball 3000 which will have us starting in San Francisco off to Los Angeles for the night and then on to San Diego for a night then to Las Vegas. From Vegas the rally drivers will all fly to Pyongyang North Korea (Can you believe that, these guys are flying into North Korea???) for a night and attendance at the Mass Games and then on to Hangzhou China driving to Shanghai for the night and then off to Xuzhou for a night and then the last day will end in Beijing at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. After we finish the cars will be on display in Tiananmen Square. All of our safety and warning devices will be put to the test in California and Nevada and we are not expecting much police activity in China. (Nick, China incorporates photo radar on many of their major toll roads, and some toll booths are said to demand fines at the boothI will send you pictures once we get back from China. Thanks for all your help. Nick Nick Spriggs, Executive Vice President, K E L L Y C A P I T A L, NBC Tower, 225 Broadway, 18th Floor, San Diego CA 92101

Passport 9500ci and Blinder Laser Jammer, Audi Q5, 2010

Here are some images from a recent 9500ci and Blinder laser jammer installation into a 2010 Audi Q5 SUV.

The Audi engine is more than sufficient to get this vehicle upto speed. The cockpit is very clean and neat, looks very nice and the Passport 9500ci radar detector is installed discreetly, along with the Blinder laser jammer. The 9500ci display is on the center console, while the laser modules are hidden around the vehicle, hard to notice.

Contact 1st Radar Detectors in the USA at +1 309-681-5235 for all your radar detector needs. We’ll help you find the perfect solution for your business or vehicle and connect you with a US/Canada installer. Purchase radar detectorlaser jammerradar laser jammer; and a photo blocker for cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles worldwide at [email protected].


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