1st Radar Detectors tests laser detectors, laser jammers and laser shifters with Speed Measurement Laboratories. Blinder HP905, Quad provides 4 superb laser jammer sensors with compact size and ease of install. Blinder HP905 provides a 4 way, rotary power switch with 4 modes of operation: Mode 3 = Laser Jammer/Detector/Alert, Mode 2 = Laser Detector/Alert and Mode 1 = Park Assist/Alert and 0 = all Power Off. Blinder HP905 is readily accessible, 24/7 and is free for life. The Blinder HP905 has been tested by numerous companies, showing it can defeat all laser guns used in the US, CA, Europe and Chile. The Laser ShifterPro is based on Laser Interceptor technology, purchased as a ShifterPro Quad with 4 laser transceivers or Laser ShifterPro, Dual with 2 laser transceivers to protect your vehicle from LIDAR speed guns on the front or back of your vehicle. ShifterPro provides an on/off power switch. Laser ShifterPro is 3″ wide, where as the HP905 laser transceiver is 2″ wide. Both the HP905 and ShifterPro provide WEB updates. Escort Radar sends an email out to its ShifterPro customers for WEB Update alerts; where as Blinder is a free web update anytime you choose. A laser detector and laser jammer is used to prevent a speeding ticket by detecting and blocking your speed reading from a laser or LIDAR gun. We provide sales and warranty on all products we offer. Blinder HP905 can be updated to any country laser codes using the WEB Updates. Combine a laser jammer with a radar detector to prevent a speeding ticket. Contact us in the USA at +1 309-681-5235. FREE FedEx GROUND SHIPPING in the Continental USA ON MOST U.S. ORDERS OVER $475!

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