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The V1 Remote is an exclusive package offered by Tiger Lily Products. It incorporates the Valentine One Radar Detector, which is installed into a water tight, metal enclosure. The V1 is a special product designed for hidden, high performance radar detection. It can be programmed to detect traditional radar X: 10.525GHz K: 24.125 GHz and 24.15GHz Ka: 33.4 to 36GHz (referred to as Ka Superwide) L: Laser It can also be programmed for Euro and Asian support. Ku: 13.45 GHz Narrow Band Euro Ka, includes: 33.8 GHz (POP III Radar) 34.2GHz to 34.45GHz (Photo Radar Speed Traps) The V1 is the most adaptable radar detectors in the market, but uses somewhat older technology. It is rated #3 in performance of all radar detectors, yet it is quite good in detection and provides front and rear alert displays. This is very useful if a patrol car is coming from behind with radar operating, the V1 will easily detect the rear radar and tell you he is back there, long before he can detect you.

The aluminum enclosure shown on the 2nd image down surrounds the Valentine One inside the metal enclosure. It is quite strong and built to withstand nearly any kind of impact from rocks. The V1 Remote seen in the image was installed into a Corvette. The front License Plate cover fits over the top of the V1 Remote, (nobody drives with a front plate on a Corvette) and hides the V1 Remote completely. The V1 Remote enclosure is a very tough package and protects the V1 at all times. For example, we have a V1 Remote Enclosure that had been installed into a BMW 535. The person driving their BMW drove into a parking lot at a high rate of speed, hitting a speed bump in the parking lot, tearing the V1 Remote off the bottom of the BMW. Several days later, the V1 Remote remains was brought to our company for evaluation.

The wire harness of the V1 Remote was of course totally wasted, and the enclosure was dented all to hell. But when we pulled the V1 Remote out and plugged it into a power source, it was running like a clock. We installed the Valentine One into a new V1 Remote kit, and re-installed the V1 Remote into the same BMW. I won’t say whether the driver was a man or woman. You just never know! We did ask them to use some common sense when it comes to driving into parking lots. The V1 Remote Enclosure is built tough to withstand major impacts and still keep the V1 protected. Two polycarbonate faceplates, front and rear, are provided to permit radar and laser signals to be received by the V1 inside the protected metal enclosure. Front, rear and side alerts are made possible with this set up. The faceplates are held tight against the metal enclosure by torque screws. An o-ring seals the inner V1 Remote from the outer weather environment. The power cord is 12 feet long, allowing the V1 to be installed in the front grille, and route the cable through the firewall and connected to the Audio Control. The Audio Control is usually installed under the front dash or into the center console. The Visual Display can be located on the top of the front dash, but more preferably, it can be installed into the dash, as shown to the right. The idea behind the V1 Remote is to allow the customer to hide the radar detector from view, thus certain people, such as thieves and police, can not see that a high performance radar detector is installed into your vehicle. The remote audio and visual display can be discreetly located in the cockpit of the vehicle. The V1 Remote is a high performance radar detector, designed for hidden installation. The V1 Remote detects radar to the front better than the Escort SR7 and Bel RX75 Remote Radar Detectors.

Call 1st Radar Detectors in Canada at 250-324-8004 or in the USA at 309-681-5636 to discuss your requirements and we will figure out what what you need for your business or your vehicle, and find a US/Canada installer for you. Regards, John Turner

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The V1 is capable of being programmed for USA/Canada, Europe and Asia radar bands. L, K, Ku and Narrowband Ka supports Europe. Ku supports Taiwan. L, X, K, Ka Wide band supports USA, Canada, AUS, NZ and much of Asia.
A hidden V1 Remote installed into a Corvette. In this install, the V1 Remote is hidden behind the front License Plate cover. Most drivers refuse to put a front plate on, thus the V1 Remote can hide behind the plastic cover. The V1 can also be installed behind any fiberglass fender. Make sure there is no metal in front of the V1 Remote.
If you want the V1 Remote Display to look as if it came from the factory, visit our installation shop in Boulder, CO. I know it is a long drive, but when it comes to a perfect installation, Clay Watson is #1.
This is what the V1 Remote Cockpit Display looks like. It is a small, discreet display, 1″ tall, 2.5″ wide and 1 1/8″ deep. It displays front, rear and side radar alerts from L, X, Ku, K, Ka narrowband and wideband radar guns. Tiger Lily Products can re-program the V1 for European requirements.
This is what the V1 Remote Audio control looks like. It controls the volume and on/off of the V1 Remote.
The Valentine One and V1 Remote have excellent capabilities to detect those hidden radar traps, hiding around the bend of a blind curve, hiding over the top of a hill. It is great to be able to find these speed traps, before they detect you.