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June 27, El Paso Texas

Testing X, K, Ka radar detection

We tested the newest Whistler radar detector, XTR 695, Beltronics STi-Driver, Bel STi-R, Passport 9500ci, Valentine One, several Cobra radar detectors and the new VRX Motorcycle radar detector

June 28, El Paso Texes

Testing POP3 radar detection; Laser Jamming on Blinder M45 and ZR4 Shifter

All the good radar detectors, Bel STi Driver, Velentine One, Passport 9500i, Passport 9500xi, Bel STi-R, detected the MPG Bee POP3 radar gun. Several of the lesser radar detectors had difficulty. However, when the MPH Z25 K band POP3 gun was used, nobody could detect it. Either is was not transmitting, or nobody could detect it. I woullike to think it was off, but it was not. The K band POP, Z25 laser gun, was very good.

June 29, Sierra Blanca, Texas

Testing Long Distance radar detection, False Noise Alerts

The Bel STi Driver, Valentine One, our Passport 9500ci on the passenger visor and the STi-R on the passenger visor all tested best for long distance. The distance test really showed how good the install location on the passenger visor is for remote radar detectors. Red more below.

I would like to take a few minutes to discuss our new appraoch for installing remote radar detectors. Normally, the remote radar module is installed down in the grille, typically 2 to 3 feet above the road surface. We know by experience, the higher you install a radar detector module, the better the performance, so we wanted to test the remotes higher in the vehicle. We know installers charge a lot of money to intall remotes.

We tried a different approach of remote radar detector installation. Normally, the remote is installed down in the grille. But instead, we located the STi-R remote radar unit up on the passenger windshield visor using a special device we call the Radar Detector Visor Holder. It allowed us to hide the STi-R under the passenger visor, run the power cord from the visor, around the windshield trim, down the rocker arm windshield trim, down between the dash and door, under the dash to where the interface module connects all the cables.

We ran the voice speakers to the far right side of the dash and aimed the speaker at the driver location. I bought a simple radio shack cigarette plug in with screw posts on it, and connected all the wiring my self. I did not pay anybody $500 to $1000 to install the STi-R, which is the typical cost of install in the USA. I installed the Beltronics STi-R and I am just a salesman. I easily hid all the wires, installed the entire hidden remote radar detector with display, control module, speaker and radar unit to my satisfaction; and doubled the radar detection performance by moving the typical radar install location from the grille (2 feet above the road surface) up to the passenger visor (5+ feet off the ground).

I saved all the installation costs, more than doubled the radar detection performance over grille mounted remote radar detectors, still have 100% STi-R electronic invisibility to all police radar detector detectors, and the entire package is physically invisible to anybody driving by or walking by the vehicle.

We did the same thing with the Passport 9500ci which has a Passport ZR4 Laser Shifter, and it did not require an installation shop to install it because of the new turtle clamps provided. And again, we doubled the radar detection performance of the 9500ci radar module. This was all tested at Speed Measurement Labs from June 27 to June 30, 2008 and we proved the ZR4 Laser Shifter was a big improvement over the previous ZR3 shifter. The ZR4 laser detection is superb and laser jamming performance is slightly less than a Blinder M25 test result. The Blinder uses 2 M25 laser modules while the ZR4 uses 3 ZR4 laser modules. I would like to see the Passport 9500ci offered as a radar detector only, allowing customers to buy the ZR4 as they need it. The 9500ci test results are nothing short of spectacular: Total RDD stealth to all VG2, VG4, Spectre II, Spectre III, Spectre IV, Stalcar RDD; superb radar detection of X, K, Ka radar. Yest it detects POP3 too, as well as instant on radar. The 9500ci detects over the hill and 10 miles distance on flat roads. It alerts to Photo Speed Traps along the highway. It alerts to Red Light Intersection Cameras. It has voice alerts and a very nice, compact blue LED display that describes three levels of radar information, as well as reporting upto 3 radar signals at the same time.

We also tested the Bel STi Driver, which tested equally as good as the Passport 9500ci. The STi-R is identical in radar detection performance as the Passport 9500ci, but is pointed in a slightly different marketing direction. The Passport is packaged wikth the ZR4 Laser Shifter (jammer), while the Bel STi-R is not (but the customer can easily order the M25 with two laser modules and better performance, or they can order the Blinder M45 with 4 laser modules for front and rear protection and better laser jamming performance).

The Passport 9500ci has a blue display, the Bel STi-R has a red display. Both units are identical in radar detection on X, K, Ka Radar and POP 3 radar, as well as laser detection. The difference is the Passport 9500ci adds Photo Speed camera alerts, STi-R does not; but STi-R adds Narrowband Ka Euro Photo radar detection and Passport 9500ci does not. Bel STi-R also has future Ka radar frequency programmed into it, Passport 9500ci does not.

It comes down to a driving need. If you want a remote, hidden radar detector with superb X, K, Ka, Laser detection, plus photo speed camera alerts plus total RDD electronic invisibility, then the Passport 9500ci is the best you can get. If you want X, K, Ka, Laser, plus narrowband Photo radar detection, future Ka radar gun frequencies already available, plus total RDD electronic invisibility, then the Bel STi-R is the remote radar detector to get. Both of these radar detector provide voice alerts, but the Passport 9500ci has a real voice, (sounds like Gwyneth Paltro), while the Bel STi-R has a more tinny, computer sounding voice alert. I like Gwyneth Paltro better.

In summary, we drove 2000 miles on interstate and city driving, testing the Passport 9500i, Bel STi Driver, Valentine One, Blinder M45, Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter, Bel STi-R remote and Passport 9500ci Remote radar detector. For windshield radar detector performance of X, K, Ka radar + 100% RDD invisibility, the Bel STi Driver is best in test. For X, K, Ka plus photo speed camera alerts, the Passport 9500ix radar detector is best in test. For X, K, Ka and Euro radar alerts, the Valentine One is best in test.

The Passport 9500ci remote radar detector is superb with photo speed camera and X, K, Ka radar alerts plus total RDD invisibility. It also adds ZR4 laser jamming to the package. If you combine the Blinder M45 to the Bel STi-R remote radar detector, it is equally as good as the Passport 9500ci combo radar laser package. The new Radar Detector Visor Holder Remote improved our remote radar detector performance by 2X when hiding the radar module up on the passenger visor in the small fabric holder.

See you in 2009 at Speed Measurement Labs.

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