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May 15, 2013 – NIWOT, CO –


Radar jammers, also called radar scramblers, are desired in every country, but unavailable. Laser Jammers are quite good today. Photo Speed Camera Blockers are also now available and extermely effective against speed cameras and toll cameras.

What are your options?

How can you prevent a speeding ticket? The STiR Plus from Beltronics is the #1 remote radar detector for very best radar detection performance and can be used in any country. The Passport 9500ci is a very good remote radar detector for USA and Canada only. The STi Magnum from Beltronics and Escort Redline are 100% invisible to all radar detector detectors and can be used in USA, Canada, AU, NZ and UK. We get a questions on which product is best to prevent a speeding ticket. Are radar detectors legal or illegal? Which radar detectors are illegal in what states? What states are radar detectors illegal? Are radar detectors illegal in New York, Texas, Florida or Illinois? Many answers are below, so please review the information on radar detectors, laser jammers and radar jammers below. Call Applied Technologies USA at 1-720-635-3931 to prevent a speeding ticket.

ProDB Speed Camera PhotoBlocker is a Speed Camera Photo Blocker that detects and prevents any picture of your license plates. We also provide photo radar blockersfor one standard license plate in the USA and Canada, wide European/Asian license plates and motorcycle license plates. UK speed cameras and European speed cameras are defeated using the ProDB-4 photo radar blocker. The ProDB Photo Blocker products also include the new APC Power Control product at no additional cost. Legal in the USA.

Tired of the photo Radar tickets you get in the mail? Tired of the SPEED ON GREEN photo radar traps? Tired of the SPEED CAMERAS in your area? The ProDB photo blocker stops all Speed Cameras, Toll Cameras, Speed on Green cameras and any speed camera van (mobile speed camera vans).

APC POWER Control manages power to all your radar laser and photo products.Many of our customers asked that we provide a good way to organize power cables and power switches of the different radar laser and photo products, controlled by a single power control with the capability to switch power modes between ACTIVE and SAFE power modes.If you have a radar detector and laser jammer installed in your vehicle, the APCPower Control product will definitely be of interest to you. Maybe you have a photo radar detector too! How many power switches do you have? When you encounter a police speed trap, and you want to discreetly shut power down to all your radar, laser and photo radar products, will you get flustered by trying to find 2 or 3 power switches, while trying to keep your car in a straight line? You may have a Radar Detector power button on the windshield, a laser detector power switch down on the center console; perhaps a photo radar power switch somewhere else. Power cables around the vehicle. When you come into a speed trap, your emotions usually do not allow a calm response, but demand a frantic search for two or three POWER OFF buttons. The APC, Auto Power Control Interface organizes all those power cables to a single power control module which has a single POWER SWITCH, so you can switch all of your radar laser photo products with ONE MASTER POWER CONTROL switch.

APC allows a calm response when you encounter a speed trap to switch all your radar, laser and photo products from ACTIVE power to SAFE power mode with a single power control module and one power switch providing 3 operational power modes

Passport 9500ix Radar Detector
Also known as the Escort 9500ix Radar Detector, this superb product won best in test at the annual Speed Measurement Labs test, which Applied Technologies attends every year to find the best radar detector. The Passport 9500ix and HP905 Triple is the less, expensive, high performance approach to provide a windshield radar detector with X, K, Ka radar detection, photo radar detector, Red Light Camera alerts, WEB updates and memory to stop alert to store front, false radar alerts. But don’t use this radar detector in Virginia or the Eastern Canadian provinces due to police radar detector detectors. If you are in VA and Eastern Canada, get the Passport 9500ci radar detector, which combines all the Passport 9500ix capabilities into a hidden remote that can not be seen or detected. And it adds laser jamming too.
Click for More Information

If you are serious and want the VERY BEST PERFORMANCE, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET:

STiR Plus with Blue Display for vehicle front, hidden radar

STiR Plus with RED Display for vehicle rear, hidden radar

This gives you superb over the hill (2.5 miles) radar detection front and rear, directional alerts, electronic invisibility, photo speed camera location alerts, false radar alert reduction to nearly ZERO, supeb front rear distance radar detection.

Then you add two HP905 Triples, 3 front, 3 rear laser jammers to detect and block every laser gun from reading your speed, giving you time to adjust your speed and then switch to Park Assist mode for discretion.

Then you add two ProDB Photo Blockers to detect and block the unknown mobile speed vans, speed cameras and toll camerasfrom taking pictures of your license plates. The ProDB will wack the paparazzi cameras too, as well as your Momma’s camera from getting your license plates.

Click on the APC image atright, as it is the superb device that bringsall your radar, laser, photo countermeasures together under one module, one power switch, that gives you 3 operational MODES of power:

Mode 1: Bel STiR Plus Radar Detect ON + HP905 Laser Park Assist ON, ProDB License Plate Lights ON

Mode 2: Bel STiR Plus Radar Detect ON + HP905 Laser Detect ON, ProDB Photo Detect ON

Mode 3: Bel STiR Plus Radar Detect ON + HP905 Laser Detect/Jam ON, ProDB Photo Detect/Block ON

Mode 0: All Countermeasures Power Off

Call 1st Radar Detectors in Canada at 250-324-8004 or in the USA at 720-635-3931 to discuss your requirements and we will figure out what what you need for your business or your vehicle, and find a US/Canada installer for you. Regards, John Turner

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, APC Power Control

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual and ProDB-2 Dual PhotoBlocker


Contact 1st radar Detectors at [email protected] to purchase a radar detectorslaser jammerradar laser jammer; and a photo blocker on passenger cars, pick up trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America and New Zealand.

ProDB Photo Blocker Dual for 12″ wide plates is USA, Canada, AU and UK.
APC Auto Power Control is designed to connect your windshield radar detector, remote radar detector, 4 different laser jammers, two photo blockers, while giving the driver three different Power modes of operation.
Passport 9500ix radar detector provides radar and PHOTO Speed Camera alerts for USA and Canada driving, AS WELL AS BEING ABLE TO REMEMBER THE FALSE RADAR LOCATIONS- WEB downloads also
STi Magnum is one of the twp best windshield radar detectors in the world for highway driving and electronic invisibility to ALL police RDD, radar detector detectors
Passport 9500ci and HP905 Laser Jammer is a superb package for detecting radar, photo, laser speed traps, and defeating the laser speed traps with authority.
You want protection. We got it! We don’t offer the kiddie stuff from K40, or the cheap stuff from Cobra or Whistler. We focus specifically on high performance!! Why did you buy that bad ride that you have. Audi, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, Tesla, Fisker? You bought it for power and handling. If you want the very best, click on the following image and text links for driving authority.
This is a starter for high performance radar detector. Superb Ka radar, hidden installation, electronically invisible to all police radar detectors around the world, invisible to Spectre and VG2, VG4 in USA, OPP Spectre in Canada, Stalcar in Australia, and any RDD they use in Europe and Asia. The STiR can’t be detected by its RF design! And it has a Ka Frequency programming that let’s you program for any Ka radar frequency used in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, NZ ……
This the STiR Plus with Blue Display and the HP905 Quad laser jammer. The HP905 will detect every laser gun in operation, block the laser gun and give you time to slow down, then turn the laser jammer to a PARK ASSIST mode of operation. Let them read your speed sfter you adjust your speed. Both the STiR and HP905 provide WEB updates
This is the STiR Plus and HP905 Quad and HP905 Dual. 6 laser jammer modules around the vehicle.
Add the ProDB-2 Speed Camera Photo Blocker to detect every Speed Camera, Toll Camera, Speed on Green Camera. The PRoDB-2 also includes the APC Power Control, which let’s you connect the STiR Plus, 2 HP905 laser jammers, 2 ProDB Photo Blockers to the APC Power Control, letting you controll all your radar/laser/photo countermeasures with 1 switch with 3 operational modes or protection: Mode 1 is Park Assist and License Plate Lights Mode 2 is Radar Detect, Photo Detect & Laser Detect Mode 3 is Radar Detect, Laser Jammer & Photo Blocker
If you are in Europe, get the ProDB-4 Dual Photo Blocker.
So what do you want? The best? Then call us at 720-635-3931. If you bought the best vehicle performance, why would you get a chiklet radar detector?


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