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This high performance combo package includes Beltronics, STiR Plus, Blinder HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual (6 mini-laser modules) and the APC Auto Power Control to connect all products to a single, 4 MODE power switch. The APC hides all the power cables, and simplifies the different HP905 laser jammer and optional Photo Blocker modes of operation with one, 4 MODE power switch on the APC. Free APC Power Control, Retail $229.95 – with retail purchase of this STiR Plus and HP905 Quad with HP905 Dual laser jammers.

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6 powerful, Blinder HP905 laser jammers are included in this radar laser system for front and rear laser detection / Alerts / Jamming of all laser guns in the USA, Cananda, Chile, AU, NZ and UK. You can switch the laser jammers between Mode 0, 1, 2, 3 for all power off, park asssit in Mode 1, Detect/Alert in Mode 2, Detect/Alert/Jam in Mode 3, which is controlled by the APC Power Control. The laser modules are quite small, almost impossible to see, and they detect asnd jam all laser guns in use today.

The STiR Plus is the #1 radar detector in the world and provides radar speed trap alerts and detects all radar frequencies. It has AutoLock false radar alert memory to learn and remember where false radar locations are, thus it can drastically reduce false alerts. It provides photo speed camera alerts for USA and Canada. Blinder HP-905 QUAD and HP905 Dual laser defense is included in this kit with six laser modules for front and rear laser detection and defense. This Combo package includes the STiR Plus, HP905 Dual, HP-905 Quad laser jammer and APC Auto Power Control. Call for a free Gray radar detector visor holder.

The STi-R Plus can prevent a speeding ticket. It is designed by Beltronics as a radar detector with hidden install, providing Ka Radar, Ka Frequency Programming for all Ka radar bands, False Alert Learning and Memory to drastically reduce False Radar Alerts; Photo Speed Camera alerts and WEB downloads. The STiR Plus is 100% invisible to all RDD around the world such as VG2, VG4, all forms of Spectre, all forms of Stalcar and OPP Spectre up yonder in Canada. The Bel STiR Plus is the very best, hidden radar detector for use in any country today. There is nothing close to it.

Detects K band Speed Cameras at 24.15 GHz, 24.1GHz and 23.95 GHz, Ka Band Speed Cameras, detects K and Ka speed trap frequencies, plus Ka Wideband and Ka Narrowband radar detection. It learns where false alert location are and stores those locations in memory so as not to continue alerting to false alerts in your regular driving areas. If you want the #1 radar detector and #1 laser Defense in the world, the Beltronics, STiR Plus and Blinder HP-905 Quad Laser Jammer are it!!!

Combo Includes: STiR Plus, HP905 Dual, Blinder HP-905 Quad laser jammer with APC Auto Power Control. Order now and get this superb combo package. The two best radar laser products for the best performence you will see!

The STiR Plus is a radar detector, laser detector and photo detector. The STi-R Plus detects all ka radar, superwide Ka radar and narrowband photo radar. More importantly, the STiR is capable of learning and remembering where local false radar alerts are. These false radar alerts in the city occur from X and K band, store front, automatic door openers. The STi-R Plus is superb at reducing these unwanted store front false radar alerts. The Beltronics STiR radar detector has Ka Segmented Programming to provide Ka police radar and narrowband Ka Photo radar band. The STiR Plus is totally invisible to all police radar detector detectors, RDD; so that you can drive the Beltronics anywhere. STi-R Plus installation is not difficult at all using our special gray, radar detector visor holder.

STiR Plus supportsKa radar at 33.8GHz, 34.7GHz and 35.5GHz,34.0 GHz, 34.3GHz, 34.6GHz, letting you easily program which bandsto detect radar speed traps, photo speed cameras in the USA and Canada. Detect laser speed guns, as well as alerting to speed cameras and red light cameras. In addition any new Ka radar they want to implement, the Beltronics STi-R Plus can already be programmed to detect any new frequency in the Ka band.

The Photo alerts are for USA and Canada. It knows where the US/Canada speed cameras are and provides WEB update to update speed camera locations in the USA and Canada. You can manually MARK speed camera locations also.

WE KNOW WHO THE GOOD INSTALLERS ARE. We don’t just grab any list of installers. Our customers want great installers and superb installations. We work with the best installation shops every day.

The STiR Plus is a custom installed version from Beltronics. The Beltronics STiR Plus is totally invisible to Radar Detector Detectors used by police worldwide. It is combined with the Blinder HP-905 QUAD laser defense.Police use a radar detector detector around the world, Canada and Virginia, but this remote radar detector is invisible to all radar detector detectors. Combine this superb radar detector with the Laser Blinder, and you have a #1 countermeasures system for worldwide driving. It can be detected for superwide Ka radar, as well as narrowband Ka radar for worldwide driving. And drivers get total electronic invisibility to all radar detector detectors including RCMP and OPP Spectre RDD in Canada, VG2, VG3, Spectre ii, Spectre iii and Spectre iv+.

We reviewed this custom installed Beltronics STi-R with Blinder HP-905 QUAD laser jammer. Do you want a superb hidden radar detector and laser defense? The STi-R Plus, HP905 Dual, APC Auto Power Control and Blinder HP-905 QUAD install provides one of the two best radar detector and laser defense combo systems.

Here is why the Beltronics STiR radar detector and Blinder HP-905 COMPACT laser defense combo are the best radar detector and laser jamming system.

1) The STiR Plus radar detector alerts to front radar speed traps;

2) Two front radar antennas to increase signal sensitivity and reduce false noise alerts;

3) Best-in-Test Ka remote radar detector with 9+ mile detection, fewest false alerts: X, K, Ka Superwide,Ka Narrowband and POP3

4) Best remote radar detector at detecting “Over the Hill”, hidden radar speed traps;

5) 100% invisible to all police RDD; VG2, VG4, Spectre II, Spectre III, Spectre iv, spectre iv+, OPP Spectre in Canada

6) Blinder HP-905 QUAD laser jammeris absolutely superb with laser detection, park assist and laser defense , giving you time to adjust your speed before they detect your speed;

7) The HP-905 QUAD laser jammer adds Parking Assist and Laser Detect Only at the flick of a switch. Parking in a public parking lot or in your garage, the Blinder HP-905 COMPACT will alert you to an object in front or behind your vehicle from 1-3 feet distance. Switch to LASER Detector only, when there is a need to do so!

8) VOICE speaker provides quick alerts to police radar speed traps in front of your vehicle;

9) LED Matrix RED display tells you radar band and signal bar strengthis to the front of your vehicle; also shows frequency or radar band, laser and SWS;

10) Hide the STiR Plus radar detector up on the passenger using our Radar Detector Visor Holder; or install in grille, up on your SUV ski rack or passenger car luggage rack, behind the front and back bumper;

11) Easy to program for X, K, Ka superwide and narrowband, Laser Dual Band POP3 or program for photo radar,K band, Laser and Dual Band POP3 radar;

12) Compact, water tight, easy to install, plug and play components (requires installation by a professional installer)

13) STiR is already designed to support any new Ka radar as shown below, now or in the future;

Ka1 (33.392 – 33.704) On/Off

Ka2 (33.704 – 33.896) On/Off, (Ka – 33.8GHz)

Ka3 (33.886 – 34.198) On/Off

Ka4 (34.184 – 34.592) On/Off, (Ka Narrowband, 34.3GHz, detect speed cameras)

Ka5 (34.592 – 34.808) On/Off, (Ka – 34.7GHz)

Ka6 (34.806 – 35.166) On/Off

Ka7 (34.143 – 35.383) On/Off

Ka8 (35.378 – 35.618) On/Off, (Ka – 35.5 GHz)

Ka9 (35.595 – 35.835) On/Off

Ka10 (35.830 – 35.998) On/Off

5 star + performance rating to protect you in the front of your vehicle as you drive

Add the optional ProDB-1 PhotoBlocker or the ProDB-2 Photo Blocker to defeat front / rear speed cameras and red light cameras

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