Passport 9500ci with ShifterPro

Passport 9500ci with ShifterPro


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Passport 9500ci is a custom installed radar detector, combined with the ShifterPro laser shifter with two laser defense modules to prevent a laser speeding ticket on the front of your car in the USA and Canada. The 9500ci detects radar speed traps, detects and blocks laser speed guns, as well as alerts to speed cameras and red light cameras. Free WEB updates during the first 90 days. FREE Shipping in the Continental United States. This system combines a speed camera detector, radar detector, laser detector, GPS antenna, WEB updates, plus TWO laser shifters. ShifterPro, laser shifter is a laser jammer based on Laser Interceptor technology with WEB updates. Add ProDB Photo Blocker to protect against picture attempts by Speed Cameras, red light cameras, toll cameras and mobile photo radar vans. Call for free APC Power Control, Retail $229.95 with retail purchase of Passport 9500ci.

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Radar based traffic flow sensors (TSR) are spreading through most major cities. These roadside mounted sensors use radar to measure traffic flow. Personal navigation devices use the radar pulses for personal navigation. TSR devices are not used to issue speeding citations, but they constantly make false alerts to your radar detector. Not to the Passport 9500ci, as it rejects TSR false radar alerts. Radar detector owners do not like false alerts, especially, when they are constant false radar alerts. This custom installed radar detector includes proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate the TSR false alerts!

Our customers want great installers and superb installations. We work with the best installation shops every day, so if you need install support, use one of the shops we work with who understand how laser jammers need to be installed, and how radar detection can be doubled in performance using common sense installation.

This is a top custom installed radar detector for custom installation, radar laser support, photo radar, GPS, laser jammer and total electronic invisibility. One of the greatest features is its capability to use GPS and memory to locate and remember where false, store front radar locations are. The 9500ci radar detector includes 2 ShifterPro laser sensors, which are laser jammers with WEB downloads. Some people refer to these products as a fuzz buster or radar detector. However you refer to this system, the radar tests, photo radar tests and laser tests that we have conducted at Speed Measurement Labs, using a variety of speed camera detectors and radar detectors, has proven it is the top radar detector. It combines all three speed trap capabilities into one integrated system.

The custom installed, Passport 9500ci includes a remote hidden radar detector with electronic invisibility, a Laser Shifter Quad and a Speed Camera Detector. A radar camera is a new type of police speed trap used to collect money without the use of police. The Escort 9500ci will sometimes be called a fuzz buster, and is a radar detector that alerts to speed cameras, radar speed traps and laser speed traps in the USA and Canada. There are a very high number of radar cameras in through out the USA and Eastern Canada. These speed cameras are installed to collect revenue, and while safety is discussed, it is about the money. The Passport 9500ci is a custom installed radar detector, thus it is installed to hide the components around the vehicle for discretion.

We discovered how you can double the radar detector performance by installing and hiding the radar module up on the sun visor to alert to speed camera locations and radar speed traps. Call us to see how you can increase your radar detector performance using a hidden, remote radar detector.

This radar detector review of the Passport 9500ci radar detector proves it is the best hidden radar detector available for the USA and Canada. This radar detector jammer combines a hidden, water proof, radar detector with a laser jammer called the ShifterPro, and radar camera alerts for the USA and Canada. It is 100% invisible to all police Radar Detector Detectors including RCMP and OPP Spectre RDD in Canada, VG2, VG3, Spectre ii, Spectre iii and Spectre iv+.

We tested the Passport 9500ci radar laser detector in June 2008 at Speed Measurement Labs. The Passport 9500ci review confirms a high performance product with hidden radar detector for drivers who want a hidden system in their vehicle providing the best radar, photo and laser protection in one package. Call it a Fuzz Buster or radar detector, but we call it the best radar detector you can purchase. It provides total electronic invisibility to any radar detector detector used in the USA and Canada. The dual radar antenna configuration provides the best radar detector test results. The AutoLearn feature significantly reduces false radar alerts. It is a GPS radar detector and operates as speed camera detector. Voice Alerts, WEB updates and more. Escort Radar did it right with this speed camera detector. The Passport 9500ci now includes the newest Laser ShifterPro with two laser sensors.

The Escort Passport 9500ci is a combo radar laser system and is totally invisible to all police radar detector detectors, including the new Spectre IV. It is superb at detecting X, K, Ka, POP3 radar, and alerts to all photo speed trap locations as well as red light cameras at intersections throughout the USA and Canada.

The Escort 9500ci radar detector module can be hidden behind the grille, or for much better performance and reduced installation cost, hide the Passport 9500ci up on your passenger visor with our RADAR DETECTOR VISOR HOLDER, see details page.

The Escort Passport 9500ci radar detector and ShifterPro laser shifter jams laser with two ShifterPro sensors. The Radar Detector module can be installed in the grille by your local installer. If you wish to double your 9500ci radar detection performance, install the radar detector module up on your passenger windshield visor. The Escort 9500ci has the best voice alerts I have ever heard. The Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector and Laser Jammer combines the ShifterPro and GPS Lock to provide a superb hidden, radar detector, photo alerts and laser jammer and has very few false radar alerts.

The Escort Passport is totally invisible to radar detector detectors; such as VG-2, VG-4, spectre III, spectre iv and spectre iv+ radar detector detector. The new Passport ShifterPro Laser Shifter is included with the 9500ci radar detector to detect and jam all police laser guns. You get superb photo speed trap alerts, radar detection, electronic invisibility to all RDD and a laser jammer all in one system. The GPS Locate advances radar detection with learning mode to isolate real radar alerts from false radar alerts. The Escort 9500ci radar detector can be used by drivers throughout Canada, USA and Mexico. It is manufactured in North America. Here is why the 9500ci radar detector is one of the best hidden radar detector and laser jammer systems in the world.



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