Radar detector, such as STiR Plus by Beltronics and the Passport 9500ci by Escort Radar are custom installed radar detectors. They can not be electronically detected by radar detector detectors (RDD), such as VG2, VG4, Spectre (i, ii, iii, iv, iv+), OPP Spectre in Canada and Stalcar RDD in Australia. The STiR Plus and Passport 9500ci are also physically invisible from prying eyes. The best radar detector for windshield operation and mobility is the Passport Max, STi Magnum and Redline radar detector. Passport Max2 is a GPS, Photo, Radar Detector primarily detecting photo speed cameras and radar traps for city driving; while the STi Magnum and Escort Redline are highway radar detectors to detect radar speed traps and provide electronic invisibility to RDD used in USA, Australia and Canada. STiR Plus provides a Ka frequency program, which the Passport 9500ci does not have. The Passport 9500ci includes two ShifterPro laser shifters. The STi-R Plus and Passport 9500ci provide more than 9.4 miles detection distance, and 2.5+ miles radar detection over the top of a hill. Add speed camera alerts, false alert memory, voice alerts, total RDD electronic invisibility to all RDD worldwide, hidden installation and web updates; thus the STiR Plus and Passport 9500ci are the two best installed radar detectors. Passport Max by Escort Radar provides Speed Camera Alerts, WEB updates, false alert memory to reduce false alerts. The Passport Max combines radar laser detector with speed camera alerts, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and GPS radar alerts. The Passport Max2, Passport 9500ix and Escort Redline provide superb performance as windshield radar detectors. 1stRadarDetectors conducts radar detector reviews with Speed Measurement Labs to verify which radar detector is best, measuring “Over the Hill” radar detection and testing RDD invisibility to radar detector detectors. Detectores de radar and detectoare radar is used in Europe. Contact us on questions for the best radar detector. FREE FedEx GROUND SHIPPING in the lower 48 states on MOST U.S. ORDERS OVER $475!

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