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Leveraging ESCORT’s powerful suite of radar technologies, the ESCORT iX features built-in Bluetooth connectivity to the award-winning ESCORT Live app, providing real-time speed limit data, speed trap and camera locations and shared radar alerts from nearby users. The detector’s GPS intelligence with AutoLearn uses patented anti-falsing technology to access GPS and exact frequency to learn and automatically reject unwanted fixed position false alarms.

We completed the annual radar detector test on 26 June 2011 and the Escort IX’s predecessor, the Passport 9500ix, provided #1 performance. The Passport 9500ix came in Best in Test from 2010 to 2012, 3 years straight as # 1 overall performance. The Passport 9500ix prevents a speeding ticket. Escort Radar designed the Escort IX to provide photo radar alerts and warnings to traffic cameras and radar speed traps. Take a look at our radar detector reviews. The Escort IX alerts to speed cameras and red light cameras in the USA and Canada; and includes a learning program to remember where false radar locations are, drastically reducing false radar alerts. Read our radar detector reviews. Add HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, ShifterPro, Dual or ShifterPro, Quad for laser gun protection. Add ProDB Photo Blocker to protect against picture attempts by Speed Cameras, red light cameras, toll cameras and mobile proto radar vans.

Radar based traffic flow sensors (TSR) are spreading through most major cities. These roadside mounted sensors use radar to measure traffic flow. Personal navigation devices use the radar pulses for personal navigation. TSR devices are not used to issue speeding citations, but they constantly make false alerts to your radar detector. Drivers do not like false alerts, especially, when they are constant false radar alerts. The IX includes proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate the TSR false alerts!

This GPS radar product has WEB updates, voice alerts and uses a remarkable AutoLearn program to remember where false radar locations are, thus it significantly reduces false alerts. We provide free ground shipping in the lower 48. You can also select optional overnight shipping.

Radar cameras are increasing rapidly, along with speed traps, and this Escort radar detector is designed to detect both types of speed traps. There are an increasing number of speed cameras used in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Cities such as Phoenix, Washington DC, Tampa, Seattle, Houston are just a few of the major cities who have implemented a high number of speed cameras to increase their tax revenue. The Escort IX is a speed camera detector and GPS radar detector that combines X, K, Ka, POP3 radar detection with radar camera alerts. Speed cameras and red light cameras typically generate about $1.0 to $2.5 million from each speed camera location. And the regular speed traps take in huge amounts of income as well. The combined capabilities and performance of this superb GPS radar laser photo product make it the best radar detector for 2009, 2010 and 2011, three years straight!

AutoLearn is a NEW feature, and is remarkable to automatically learn and remember false, store front locations, which use X band and K band to automatically open the entrance doors. Those are the false alerts that drive you mad while driving through many towns and cities. The AutoLearn feature minimizes false radar alerts to nearly zero. You can also MRK (mark) or tag locations by yourself.

The AutoLearn mode uses GPS to remember the location of the false alerts. The exact radar frequency, longitude and latitude of the false location is stored in memory. Whenever you drive by a false radar location, it compares your GPS location with the data stored in memory, and it remembers not to alert to the false radar store front locations. But if a policeman parks out front, it will detect his different frequency at that store location and alert to the police speed trap, but not to the false alert at the store.

This AutoLearn feature is really appreciated by people who have used radar detectors for years. You can combine the photo radar with a laser jammer, such as Blinder laser. The Blinder M47 also won Best in Test for laser jammer test performance at SML 2009 and 2010, annual radar laser test.

Escort Radar did it right by providing speed camera and red light camera alerts to a superb radar detector”, says John Turner of 1st Radar Detectors. Popular Mechanics magazine also agrees and offers great feedback from their road tests. Reduction of false alerts by 90% make this radar laser product far less irritating than any other product. A radar detector is only valuable if it gets your attention at the right moment. The problem with most detectors is the de-sensitization that occurs when alerts constantly come from the same location, over and over again at all the wrong moments. People then begin to pay less attention to potential speed traps. Not so with the AutoLearn feature, an elegant and very functional idea.

There are several GPS radar detectors, but the radar tests prove it is best. A fully automatic, radar laser detector protects you from speed traps, as well as red light cameras and speed cameras. In many cases, when you speed through a green light, the red light camera will photo your license plate and send you a ticket in the mail. But the Escort IX will alert you before you get to the speed camera. This GPS radar detector uses GPS location to remember the radar frequency and location of each alert, remembers the false noise, alerts to real radar alerts; thus reducing false radar alerts. This GPS radar detector provides excellent performance and is easy to set up operation in your windshield; or on the passenger visor with our Optional Radar Detector Visor Holder. It is loaded with the latest police photo radar speed trap locations and red light cameras intersections, reminding you as you approach RedFlex, ATS, MultaNova, Gatso Speed Camera traps. Free GPS updates are provided for the first 90 days after your purchase. The brilliant blue LED display is attractive. The detector attaches to the windshield using vacuum suction cups. Or consider our optional Radar Detector Visor Holder to hide the Passport IX from view to police driving by your vehicle and people walking by your vehicle. It is manufactured in North America and here is why it is one of the two best radar detectors available:

1) IX alerts to photo speed traps and red light cameras, and can be combined with optional Shifter ZR4, a laser jammer with 3 laser modules

2) IX is loaded with the latest GPS coordinates of photo speed traps and red light cameras when shipped. Free GPS updates (use mini-USB connector provided) for the 1st 90 days after purchase by registering with Escort, connecting to the speed camera database;

3) Detects X, Ku, K, Ka Superwide, POP3 police radar bands, 9.5 mile detection distance;

4) Provides GPS radar features to reduce false noise alerts; identify and alert to photo radar speed traps and red light cameras;

5) Superb at detecting those over-the-hill, hidden police radar speed traps;

6) Superb voice alerts on radar, laser and SWS;

7) Provides the fewest false radar alerts (also called false positives) of any radar detector;

8) Easy to program for modes of operation;

9) 100% invisible to VG2 and VG4 radar detector detectors, Spectre II RDD, but not 100% invisible to Spectre, OPP Spectre and Stalcar RDD.

10) Can also program for Ku radar on or off – making the Passport IX radar detector a 5 Star rating

Windshield Mounted or use the optional Radar Detector Visor Holder that 1stRadarDetectors provides to hide this radar detector on the sun visor.

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