STiR Plus, Custom Installed Radar Detector

STiR Plus, custom installed radar detector, provides the very best performance achievable for a radar detector, and it includes a Frequency Control program, only available with the STiR Plus. It can prevent a speeding ticket and is designed by Beltronics as a radar detector with hidden install, providing Ka Radar, Ka Frequency Programming for all Ka radar bands, False Alert Learning and Memory to drastically reduce False Radar Alerts; Photo Speed Camera alerts and WEB downloads. The STiR Plus is 100% invisible to all RDD around the world such as VG2, VG4, all forms of Spectre, all forms of Stalcar and OPP Spectre up yonder in Canada. Radar Detector Reviews of the STiR Plus. It is the best radar detector for hidden installation in any country today. Add HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, ShifterPro, Dual or ShifterPro, Quad for laser gun protection. Add ProDB Photo Blocker to protect against picture attempts by Speed Cameras, red light cameras, toll cameras and mobile proto radar vans.

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False Alert Memory, GPS and WEB downloads are also included. 100% invisible to all forms of police radar detector detector, RDD, such as but not limited to VG2, VG4; all forms of Spectre such as Spectre i, Spectre ii, Spectre iii, Spectre iv and iv+; all forms of Stalcar; and OPP Spectre in Canada. Bel STi-R provides K band (23.95GHz, 24.100GHz and 24.150GHz for photo speed traps; as well as all Ka Band Photo Speed Camera frequencies. Blinder HP-905 Quad and Shifter Pro, Quad, laser jammers are optional.

Beltronics STiR Plus provides GPS and WEB downloads are provided to give you Photo Speed Camera alerts in this custom install radar laser system. Photo speed camera alerts and WEB updates are provided for the USA and Canada. You can also MARK your photo speed camera locations as well.

The STiR Plus is a custom installed radar detector to detect K band Speed Cameras at 24.15 GHz, 24.1GHz and 23.95 GHz, Ka Band Speed Cameras, detects K and Ka speed trap frequencies, plus Ka Wideband and Ka Narrowband radar detection. It learns where false alert location are and stores those locations in memory so as not to continue alerting to false alerts in your regular driving areas. If you want the #1 radar detector, the Beltronics STiR Plus is it!!! Yes, it detects X band if you need that as well.

Ka-Band Selective (Segmented) Programming. Superwide Ka-band can be turned off, turning on only the Ka-bands in your region. NO OTHER RADAR DETECTOR IN THE WORLD HAS THIS KA FREQUENCY PROGRAMMING CAPABILITY. If FCC changes Ka frequencies, the STiR Plus is already capable of supporting it. If you need Euro Ka Frequencies, STiR Plus already supports it.  This feature permits significant performance and range improvements against the Ka-based threats as scanning time is not being wasted on searching unnecessary Ka radar frequencies.

Call us if you have questions on which Ka radar frequency is used in your region. There is also tech. mode is able to display what frequency the police are using on this band in your state. After you know this you can turn off the un-neccessary Ka frequencies for longer detection range on the Ka radar bands that effect your driving.

Beltronics STi-R Plus supports Ka radar detection at 33.8GHz, 34.7GHz,35.5GHz,34.0 GHz, 34.3GHz, 34.6GHz, letting you easily program which radar bands to detect speed traps, photo speed cameras, detect laser speed guns, as well as alerting to speed cameras and red light cameras. In addition any new Ka radar they want to implement, the Bel STiR can already be programmed to detect any new frequency in the Ka band.

The STiR-Plus has photo speed camera WEB updates and location alerts. It also has AutoLock to remember where the false store front radar alerts are; thus it drastically reduces false alerts.

The Beltronics STi-R Plus includes a speed camera detector, radar detector with electronic invisibility, laser detector, GPS antenna, WEB updates. ADD THE BLINDER HP-905 Compact as a radar laser system. Click the 2nd link under the picture above to order the STiR Plus and HP-905 Quad Laser Jammer. Read our radar detector reviews and tests.

Our customers want great installers and superb installations. We work with the best installation shops every day, so if you need install support, use one of the shops we work with who understand how laser jammers need to be installed, and how radar detection can be doubled in performance using common sense installation.

This is a top radar detector for custom installation, radar laser, photo radar, GPS, laser jammer and total electronic invisibility. One of the greatest features is its capability to use GPS and memory to locate and remember where false, store front radar locations are. Some people refer to these products as a fuzz buster or radar detector. However you refer to this system, the radar tests, photo radar tests and laser tests that we have conducted at Speed Measurement Labs, using a variety of speed camera detectors and radar detectors, has proven it is the top radar detector. It combines all three speed trap capabilities into one integrated system.

The STiR-Plus by Beltronics includes a remote hidden radar detector with dual radar antenna, total electronic invisibility, Ka Segmented Programming, AutoLock, Photo Speed Camera alerts – very nice radar laser for your vehicle. A radar camera is a new type of police speed trap used to collect money without the use of police. Sometimes called a fuzz buster, the Beltronics is a radar detector that alerts to speed cameras, radar speed traps and laser speed traps in the USA and Canada. There are a very high number of photo radar cameras in through out the USA and Canada. These speed cameras are installed to collect revenue, and while safety is discussed, it is about the money. The STiR Plus from Beltronics is a custom install radar detector, thus it is installed to hide the components around the vehicle for discretion.

Radar based traffic flow sensors (TSR) are spreading through most major cities. These roadside mounted sensors use radar to measure traffic flow. Personal navigation devices use the radar pulses for personal navigation. TSR devices are not used to issue speeding citations, but they constantly make false alerts to your radar detector. Radar detector owners do not like false alerts, especially, when they are constant false radar alerts. This radar detector includes proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate the TSR false alerts!

We discovered how you can significantly improve the radar detector performance by installing and hiding the radar module up on the sun visor to alert to speed camera locations and radar speed traps. Call us to see how you can increase your radar detector performance using a hidden, remote radar detector.

This radar detector review of the Bel STiR radar detector proves it is the best hidden radar detector available for the USA and Canada. The radar camera alerts for the USA and Canada. It is 100% invisible to all police Radar Detector Detectors including RCMP and OPP Spectre RDD in Canada, VG2, VG3, Spectre II, Spectre III and Spectre IV+ in the USA.

We provide free shipping in the lower 48 US states, no taxes in many cases and a free $40 Radar Detector Gray Visor Holder. You don’t have to spend valuable time shipping your old radar detector in, thus losing money. Continental USA shipping and $0 taxes. Big savings! Hide your STi-R Plus radar detector on the windshield visor out of the hot sun for longer life and better performance. Give your old radar detector to your wife or friend, or your Boss!

The radar laser detector was tested at Speed Measurement Labs over the last several years, receiving top honors. The STi-R Plus is far better then the original Bel STiR. With added memory, GPS, Photo Radar, WEB updates and false alert reduction, makes it the best radar detector on the market. It provides total electronic invisibility to any radar detector detector used in the USA and Canada. The dual radar antenna configuration provides the best radar detector test results. The AutoLock feature significantly reduces false radar alerts. It is a GPS radar detector and operates as speed camera detector. Voice Alerts, WEB updates and more. Beltronics did it right with this speed camera detector.

The STiR Plus is a combo radar laser system and is totally invisible to all police radar detector detectors, including the new Spectre IV. It is superb at detecting X, K, Ka, POP3 radar, and alerts to all photo speed trap locations as well as red light cameras at intersections throughout the USA and Canada.

Click on the link at right under the image above. The Beltronics STiR Plus includes a GPS speed camera detector and by using the GPS capabilities, the STiR Plus can automatically remember where false alert locations are, thus reducing false radar alerts to nearly zero. This makes the Beltronics STiR Plus one of the best GPS radar detectors.

The Bel STiR Plus radar detector module can be hidden behind the grille, or for much better performance and reduced installation cost, hide the STi-R Plus up on your passenger visor with our RADAR DETECTOR VISOR HOLDER, see details page.

The Radar Detector module can be installed in the grille by your local installer. If you wish to double your radar detection performance, install the radar detector module up on your passenger windshield visor. The Bel STiR has the best voice alerts I have ever heard. The STi-R Plus and Laser Jammer combines GPS and memory to provide a superb hidden, radar detector, photo alerts and laser jammer and has very few false radar alerts.

The Beltronics is 100% invisible to radar detector detectors; such as VG-2, VG-4, spectre III, spectre iv and spectre iv+ radar detector detector. You get superb photo speed trap alerts, radar detection, electronic invisibility to all RDD and a laser jammer all in one system. The GPS Locate advances radar detection with learning mode to isolate real radar alerts from false radar alerts. It is manufactured in North America. Here is why the STiR Plus radar detector is one of the best hidden radar detector and laser jammer systems:

1) One custom installed radar detector module, incorporating two radar antennas to increase signal sensitivity while minimizing false alerts;

2) 100% invisible to all Radar Detector Detectors – VG2, VG4, Spectre III, Spectre iv, Spectre iv+; Sprecte Elite, OPP Spectre RDD, Stalcar RDD in Australia

3) Radar Detection of all Ka radar worldwide (Ka superwide andNarrowband Radar) at 9.4+ mile distance on flat highway;

4) Superb at detecting over-the-hill, hidden police radar speed traps;

5) Superb voice alerts on radar, laser and safety warnings (SWS), plus audio alerts;

6) Compact, watertight package for installation behind the grille, front bumper or rear bumper;

7) Fewest false radar alerts of any remote radar detector;

8) Easy to program for city X, X off, K, Ka Superwide, police laser, POP3 radar;

9) GPS modules included to isolate false radar traps and real radar traps, remember photo speed trap locations and red light intersection camera locations;

10) Add the optional Blinder HP-905 Quad laser jammer – 4 laser jammers to defeat any laser gun aimed at you, updated to defeat all laser guns used today, including the stealth, dual pulse laser guns – making the Beltronics STiR Plus radar detector a 5+ Star rated remote radar detector. Remote mounted with cockpit voice alerts and small compact, Red Display.

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