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Escort MAX 360 is an HD or High Definition, radar detector, which is available today. Escort Max comes with Bluetooth technology built into the power cable.

The Max 360 provides directional alert arrows (front, side to side and rear indication), extreme range, lightning fast response time, pinpoint precision and directional alert display. It’s the most advanced radar/laser detector on the market.

Customer critique of the Max 360’s predecessor, The Max 2, recently purchased from 1stRadarDetectors.

On average, the MAX 2 gives a KA alert about 5 to 10 seconds before my Valentine 1 did. Impressive. Also when the MAX 2 gives a KA alert, there is a 95% probability there is a bogie nearby. What impressed me the most is when I was traveling East on US### near my home town. I was going up a small hill when the MAX 2 sounded a KA alert. The Valentine 1 was silent. I thought this was a bogus alert; but as I was getting closer to the top of the hill, the alert was becoming stronger. So, I new something was up and slowed down. When I got to the top of the hill, I saw an 18 wheeler about 1/2 mile down the hill parked facing me on the shoulder of the road. When I got to within 500 feet of the 18 wheeler, the Valentine 1 went off. As I passed the truck, a local had pulled over the truck and was parked about 5 feet behind the truck blocking much of the Ka radar signal. 95% of the radar signal was blocked by the truck, but the MAX 2 picked up the Ka radar signal, easily a half mile back before I got over the top of the hill. Jim

“Ladies and Gentlemen, that is one of the reasons why the Max 2 is the best radar detector, John Turner.”

The Passport Max radar detector was tested at Speed Measurement Labs on 28-30 June, 2013 to compare its performance to known radar detector standards, such as the Passport 9500ix, STi Magnum and Valentine One. The new Passport Max 360 is now available and incorporates Bluetooth and ESCORTLive, which can send all the radar alerts over to your GPS map on your cel phone. Escort Passport incorporates advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronic chips, which provide significant advantages over traditional radar, data processing designs. The RF transceiver design of the Passport MAX is also new and more effective. The Passport MAX 360 tests show highly repeatable test results with Distance at 12+ miles, yes 12 miles plus, and more importantly “Over the Hill” detection at 3.5 miles. Add the HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, ShifterPro, Dual or ShifterPro, Quad for laser gun protection. Add ProDB Photo Blocker to protect against speed camera, traffic camera, toll camera, mobile photo speed vans or red light camera photo attempts of your license plate.
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The Passport Max 360 can see them long before they can detect you. Using DSP and parallel signal processing of the radar signals, the firmware can discriminate a real radar signal from store front radar quickly; and it can isolate a very weak, “Over the Hill” radar signal from a typical noisy radar background with repeatability. In addition the Escort MAX is able to process all of the incoming signal variations, isolate the most important radar threat, and display the alert much faster than any other windshield radar detector. The MAX 360 provides photo speed camera alerts, learns and remembers where false radar alert locations are, and it provides WEB updates. With the new DSP integration, the MAX provides the very best radar detection and speed camera alerts of any radar detector today. The new radar platform also allows for significant design, giving the Passport MAX 2 radar detector a longer design life than ever before. Escort Passport did it right. It is well thought out, has a very nice visual display along with voice alerts, and the new DSP capabilities gives it far more performance advantages over any other radar detector today. In summary, this radar detector is far faster, simpler to use, signal reception is about 50% better than any other radar detector on the market today, and it has far more signal processing capability without being difficult to use. Based on our test observations, it is # 1 performance position for windshield radar detectors. Read our radar detector reviews and tests.

It provides a soft-sided travel case, new “Sticky Cup” windshield mount, 12-volt Combo SmartCord and quick reference guide. If you would like a more permanent installation for your Passport Max to hide the power cord around the windshield, buy the optional accessory DirectWire SmartCord. There is also the optional SmartLive Power Cord that provides power to the Passport Max, adds additional features and also will BlueTooth link to a iPhone or Droid cel phone to display a radar map of your driving area, and more. Be sure to specify a DROID or iPhone version based on your type of cel phone.

Speed Trap Alerts and Protection to the Max – The Passport Max 2, the first and only detector with High Definition (HD) Radar Performance, delivers breakthrough radar performance like no other. It covers all radar and laser bands and enables you to drive worry-free. It is like no other detector. Its refined styling is subtle, yet strong. Its performance is stunning, yet smart and intelligent. Together the Passport Max raises the bar once again.

Fast Radar Signal Response – Escort Radar all-new receiver incorporates advanced military technology called Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This unique method of scanning enables the Escort Max to identify real threats faster and more accurately than any other detector. Quicker response time means more advanced warning against instant on radar threats. In addition to providing lightning fast response, the Passport Max also looks for a signature or the DNA of the signal and sorts out the real threats from a myriad of other signals with precision. The result is a quiet experience in a world of noise.

New Multi-Color OLED and ICON Display – The new multi-color graphic display is stunning. Brilliant new graphics illuminate intuitive icons that identify the type of threat at a glance. In addition, user-selectable backlit colors allow you to choose a color that works best with your vehicle’s interior gauges.

User Friendly, Programmable Controls – The Passport Max can be set up for your specific type of driving and personal preference. Escort Radar Preferences option allows you to change several options, including which radar bands you’d like to monitor and which meter you would like to see when a signal is detected. Regardless of how you drive, we’ve got you covered.

AutoLearn: a Superb Feature to Minimize False Alerts – You will love this feature of AutoLearn, where the Passport Max stores each alert as a GPS location (X/Y) coordinate and numerical frequency in short term memory. If you drive by the false alert location three times within a period of days, the AutoLearn then transfers the False Alert location from short term memory to saved DATA, and each time you pass a stored False Alert location Passport MAX will not alert. Yet if police try to hide in the area, Passport Max will discriminate between the False alert frequency and the new alert frequency, and can alert that a police trap is hiding nearby. Escort Radar patented the AutoLearn technology using the technology of GPS and the exact frequency to learn and automatically reject unwanted Store Front, door openers and other fixed position false alarms. The result is the most accurate long-range protection in the industry and a very low level of false alerts, giving you more confidence that when the Passport Max alerts, it is a real speed trap and not a false alarm.

DEFENDER Database – Defender is a trademark of Escort Radar. Speed traps and camera locations are everywhere! We’ve addressed the increasing number of “safety” cameras installed throughout the U.S. and Canada by pre-loading the with Escort Radar exclusive DEFENDER Database of active red light and speed camera locations throughout North America. As you approach these locations, the MAX will alert you in advance, you can even add your own “hot spots” using Escort Radar exclusive Mark Location feature.

Alerts based on your Driving Speed, On Demand Performance – Escort Radar patented GPS technology allows the detector to provide alerts based on what the vehicle is actually doing. At highway speeds you need the best long range sensitivity you can get. At slower speeds, the sensitivity can be adjusted to further reduce unneeded alerts, especially when you’re not at risk. We’ve even changed the actual alert to a short double-tone when your vehicle is moving less than 20 mph.

Clear Voice Alerts – Escort Passport has a unique voice alerts provide clear communications for alerts and menu options. Now you can keep your eyes on the road without unnecessary distractions.

Traffic Sensor (TSR) Rejection – The Passport Max; includes Escort Radar proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate false alerts. Radar based traffic flow sensors are spreading. These roadside mounted sensors use radar signals to measure traffic flow which is used for personal navigation device traffic data. They are not used to issue speeding citations. To a detector owner these traffic sensors are extremely annoying. In Ohio alone, there are 1,000’s of traffic sensors in place. Traffic flow sensors transmit strong K band signals for one half of one second approximately every minute. Given these sporadic transmission cycles, you may or may not detect the signals each time you drive the same route. If you are getting strong, false K band alerts about every mile on certain highways with your present radar detector, then you may be experiencing these traffic flow sensors with the older type radar detectors. Escort Radar brings you support! In the tradition of ESCORT providing innovative detection solutions, Escort Radar engineers developed proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate those annoying false alerts! If you have purchased an ESCORT detector within the last year then you probably have Escort’s proprietary TSR on your Escort detector. The latest ESCORT detectors which include Escort Radar proprietary TSR software are Passport iQ, Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500ci, RedLine, Passport 8500 X50 and Passport Qi45.

Compatible with ESCORT Live – Passport Max is compatible with ESCORT Live, Escort Radar exclusive real-time ticket-protection network, which warns you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, and gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts. (Requires Optional SmartCord Live and app subscription). Passport MAX does not presently support Blackberry or Windows platforms.

Important – A Windows Version of Detector Tools supports Firmware, Location Database Updates, Detector Software Updates and Defender Updates for the Passport Max. Your computer must have an active Internet connection. (Operating on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 only.)

A Mac Version of Detector Tools supports Firmware, Location Database Updates, Detector Software Updates and Defender Updates for the Passport Max, Passport 9500ix and the Passport 9500ci. Computer must have an active Internet connection.

The Passport Max 2 requires a USB A to Mini USB cable, which is not included with detector – before you can install location database updates and detector software updates.

Combine the Passport Max 360 from Escort Radar with the ShifterProLaser Jammer, a dual laser jammer, or the ShifterPro Quad, or the Blinder HP905 Triple laser defense, and you will have a superb radar laser jammer and photo countermeasure system.

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