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Big Balls Billy is the proverbial 20 year old young man

May 10, 2011 – NIWOT, CO –
I was talking to a customer the other day and we got around to talking about our military backgrounds. I found the customer had been in the Navy, so the typical razzing between Navy and Marine Corps came up. He was a Jet Jock and I was initially a Ground Pounder, but ended up in A6 Intruder radar applications. Long story short, we finally got into radar jammers and a laser jammer. Being an “Off the Cuff” person I am, I wanted to use analogy to compare how a laser jammer should be used, or could be used. So, as we were talking, the analogy of Big Balls Billy was born.Big Balls Billy is the proverbial 20 year old young man, who just bought a laser jammer, installed it into his Challenger, Camaro or Mustang, and he is now hunting for a challenge, Police Laser of course! As you can see I am not politically correct, far from it; but then neither was my Navy customer. So Big Balls Billy is driving down the highway knowing he has the world in his hands, and encounters his desired laser alert doing 85mph. Well heck, let’s do it, jam all the way to the laser gun with his Blinder HP905 Quad and watch the look on that cops face as he drives by. One alert and jam. Couple seconds later, a 2nd alert and jam. Wow this is fantastic! 3rd alert as Big Balls flies past the policeman, smiling cause he owns the world. But the Policeman is puzzled, and now becomes interested in Big Balls Billy’s vehicle. Mr. Policeman jumps in his car and begins to follow Big Balls Billy, who sees the police following him. “Hmmm, this is not what I wanted” Big Balls let’s off the gas and now has that “Who Me” look on his face. 1 mile, two miles, three miles and finally the Policeman goes back to his previous duties, catching speeders.Joe Discreet is older, more thoughtful, translating to “wiser”. Joe goes through the same laser trap, gets the same laser alert and has the same Blinder M47 installed. But instead of Jamming all the way to the laser gun (Jam to Gun), Joe Discreet calmly lets off the gas and checks his rear view mirror (always check to see if Big Balls Billy is behind you as you slow down). Joe Discreet calmly slows down for 2 to 2.5 seconds, shuts the Blinder HP905 Quad off and about that time, Mr. Policeman retriggers his laser gun and reads 65mph. Joe Discreet has his radar detector still turned on, hears the 2nd laser alert thru the radar detector, and looks at his speedo, which reads a solid 65mph. The cop sees a legal speed. Joe sees a legal speed and keeps on driving calmly down the highway.The point I wanted to make with my customer, both of us laughing our ass off by this time, was that there is a wise way to challenge a laser speed trap and there is a poor “In your face” way of challenging a laser speed trap. My Navy friend and I had a good laugh and he said he appreciated the highly technical discussion and would come back and get a laser jammer over the weekend. So which driver are you, Big Balls Billy or Joe Discrete?By the way, we are the only dealer that tests laser jammers and radar detectors every year with Speed Measurement Labs. We do this to verify which products to offer our customers. We do not rely on the product labels which all claim their product is the best. We do not rely on other websites or companies who claim they know what is going on. And since we have a strong electronic background in our company, as well as semiconductor manufacturing experience, we can tell you why a particular radar detector is good/not good or why a particular laser jammer is/is not good, and why 30% of photo speed traps can not be detected by GPS radar detectors, and why radar detectors are poor as a laser detector and photo speed camera detector!.Many of our competitors talk about radar detector performance in detecting laser guns and alerting to laser. I find the subject of detecting laser so useless. Even the radar detector manufactures talk about how well their radar detector detects RADAR and LASER. For those of you who pay attention to specs and details, consider what a laser gun is. It emits a laser beam. A laser beam is a straight line of light. Those of you who are perceptive already see where this is going. Think about a red laser pen pointer you saw in the office. If that laser spot is detected by your radar detector, what does it mean? Yes, the radar detector detected the laser. And if you have a Valentine One, it detects laser the best. The STi Driver, Escort Redline and Passport 9500ix also detects laser. The radar detectors can detect the laser beam and alert to the laser beam —– “Pointing at you”! You detected his laser beam at the same time he detected your speed. So did the radar detector protect you from the laser speed trap? No, of course not. But the other dealers will talk about how well a radar detector alerts to laser; and the manufacturers love these forum discussions; but do you guys and girls get it? Detecting laser does you no good. You have to jam it. Therefore, if you want laser protection, you have to use a Blinder M47 laser jammer to detect and jam the laser gun.

By the way, whether you are in AU, NZ, HK, Germany, Canada, Chile or the USA, the laser guns are all the same laser wavelength, 904nm (nanometers). Not frequency, but wavelength. Laser is light measured in wavelengths, not frequency, as radar guns are measured. There are several laser guns that use a hopping mode, where the laser gun operating at 904nm hops between two different pulse rates in an attempt to prevent laser jammers from blocking the laser gun. OK, too much detail! Not that is matters, since most customers simply want a laser jammer that is proven to beat laser guns, or they want a radar detector proven to detect radar before it detects you.

Some other minor points of interest. You can detect laser from 3000 feet and 2000 feet and 1000 feet, but when you are perhaps 750 feet or less, the beam is too small to detect from a radar detector up in the windshield. But what we discussed above, detecting laser, serves only to alert they just detected your speed. Laser is most often used from 1000 feet to 300 feet and is mostly aimed down on the license plate. So detecting the laser or using laser sprays or laser paints, such as Laser Veil, is of no use since the laser paints are not effective any closer than 700 feet.

I will let you girls email me as to what phrase we could use for the same situation with a 20 year old girl driving, in her new Mustang, Camaro or Dodge Challenger. Let’s see, Big _______ Billy and Big ________ Betty!

No, not Betty Boop

Call 1st Radar Detectors in Canada at 250-324-8004 or in the USA at 720-635-3931 to discuss your requirements and we will figure out what what you need for your business or your vehicle, and find a US/Canada installer for you. Regards, John Turner

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