Every once in a while, something quite humorous jumps out at us. So with out giving names, here is a scenario you may want to avoid. When using a laser jammer or photo blocker, it is the wiser choice to be discreet. However, there are those that choose to be “in your face”. If this is you, you may walk thru the trap door, called Darwin Award.

If you have a laser jammer, you are defeating laser guns and getting those alerts of satisfaction. A Darwin Award may be awarded to you if you drive through the same laser speed trap everyday while consistently defeating the laser gun. At some point, if you do this every day, someone will notice. Are you listening? Use different routes if a speed trap is always at the same location. So, we hope that you are reading between the lines, otherwise, we would assign a Darwin Award to you.

Likewise, if you are using our photo blocker and going thru speed camera traps with your business name on the back of your vehicle, then you deserve a Darwin Award. Having said that, it has occurred! No need for details, as you can imagine what happens if one consistently drives thru a traffic camera with their finger up in the air and their business name on the back of the vehicle.

So, we want to encourage you to be discreet, which means drive with your sun visor down, keep your finger inside the vehicle and below the window, and please don’t stop by your local mobile speed photo radar van and ask them to test your photo blocker. Yes, it has happened!! If you wish to test your photo blocker, use your digital photo camera to test your photo blocker. Turn the red eye feature off on the digital photo camera (not an iPhone or Droid cause they don’t provide true white light) and you will be Blinded by Science, using our photo blocker.

If we hear about things like this, we are going to call you up and run you thru Technology 101. Guido (Gweedo) runs this course, and he is very effective at getting his points across. We write this with a bit of humor, so that if you are awarded a Darwin Award, please smile with that “Who Me” look, and shake your head at your silliness.

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