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Feb 18, 2007 – NIWOT, CO –

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Passport 9500ix and HP905 Triple: best windshield radar detector and HP905 triple laser jammer

Bel STiR Plus and HP905 Quad: best installed radar detector and HP905 Quad laser jammer

Hi Guys, I just wanted to send an email in your direction regarding feedback about your site and “what I think” as a consumer of these products. First of all, I appreciate that you spent a LOT of time making your website not only informative, but easy to navigate and providing scientific data to back up performance of the Laser Jammerproducts in a professional manner without any BS, bashing, or other ploys. The information is provided in a logical manner, and was MORE than essential in my selection of items to purchase as well as my comfort of driving habits (knowing what the radar detector and laser jamming setups with Veil can and cannot do). Providing data to a customer is essential and I wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done. I appreciate it greatly. As far as my setup and info, I’ll provide what I can and hope it can help out with setups or other product reviews. I have two cars, Mercedes C230 Kompressor and a Ferrari 360. The Ferrari received a M40 Set with 3 modules in the front and one in the rear by the window. It also has the passport 8500 and Veil on headlights, license plates, and some small chrome trim pieces. I was shopping on your website today to purchase items for the Mercedes and do some more homework, as technology may have changed since I was last in the market. Anyhow, on to why I was writing to say “thanks”. In our state, we have a large number of jurisdictions that depend highly on the income from tickets, both traffic and criminal to support the inflated spending budgets. (I’ve noticed a few places that actually average the income in courts and can tell the residents what they expect to gain each year from it, rather than how to prevent more crime or traffic offenses!) I was driving my car out on the interstate just outside of our city, heading northeast. This is a heavy area for State Patrol sneak attacks, and I was not traveling at the posted speed limit. My Father had a hand-held Cobra Police Scanner and we brought it along to see if we could hear anything interesting on the way (again, knowing that the area is crowded with police and troopers). About 15 miles before a small city, we picked up a transmission of a trooper sounding like he just ran a marathon, and he called in that he was “in pursuit of a silver exotic, unknown type, and could not get the speed, and was running out of pedal trying to just keep up.” The dispatcher made some comments about a channel to change to and some other garbled dialog between the trooper and the dispatcher, and we received no more radio talk. I immediately knew it was for me, but how could he have spotted us? The only chance he had to observe my speed would have been from an overpass, sitting on the opposite side, or completely hiding somewhere. I speculate to this day, that he may have simply been way back in traffic trying to match my speed from far over a mile or more away. We slowed, pulled in between two semi trucks in the right lane, and sure as heck, the Passport 8500 X50 started ringing. He shot past us not more than a minute later doing well over 100 MPH, then slamming on the brakes once he noticed us sitting in the middle of the two trucks, and pulled us over from the front, waving his hand. We stopped behind him on the shoulder, he got out a minute later and told us he was going to pull aside more and indicated that we should then pull in front of him. It was clearly some super-setup vehicle for traffic pursuits, carrying what we believed to be a laser gun and also some sort of fixed radar antennas in front and rear windows. He left his radar on during the entire stop, and I had to quickly shuffle to remove the radar detector from the holder before he saw it (although it is legal to have a radar detector in our state, and use it). We were pulled over, but we did get away with it! When the Trooper returned to my car, I handed him my driver’s license and my ID from the Marines (I retired from the Marines after I finished my MA). He saw the USMC card and immediately started telling about his service in the Corps. He leaned his head and shoulders away from me, sent some message on the radio then handed me back my paperwork. The dialog turned from the Marines, to how he picked us up and I hoped we would learn something from this encounter. He said he was using laser and tried to get me from all sides (front, side and rear) and asked me, “What, didn’t you see me back there?” I think it was a white lie, and he was trailing us the entire time, because we never passed a cruiser, and the Blinder M40 (now updated to HP905 Quad laser jammer) or Passport 8500 X50 (now updated to Passport 9500ix) never alerted. Either way, he said he never got a “lock” on us, and was about to end the pursuit because he lost sight of us. He also mentioned that the Troopers were going to start pulling interstate traffic off into the truck inspection area until the speeder was caught, as there were 3 other units a few miles up the road, and that he called in to let the dispatcher and the supervisor know that the car he got was not “the car” he was following. Sure enough, we got back on the road and there were 3 cruisers on the shoulders of the interstate, with one of them standing in front of his car, looking like he was going to jump out in traffic or toss out the tire strip- who knows. Were we just lucky? Did the M-40 keep me from getting a ticket that would have cost me my license? Probably on both accounts. Things learned: drive with sanity, and carefully, even with equipment designed to foul observation devices. If his story is accurate about how he tried to lock on to us, then the M-40 is far better than I thought, since we passed him without a “punch through” on the jamming modules, even from the side, which totally defies common sense and the testing videos! Since we have had these items installed, I’ve watched numerous times as the speed trap guys almost seem disappointed they didn’t get a chance to pull over a sports car, and had to nab the teenage kid who probably won’t be able to afford the ticket anyhow. I’m so impressed with the quality of your products on this website, and how you present the information to customers, I’ll be purchasing a system for my Mercedes shortly too! Thanks for your research, time spent, and honesty on this site! I hope you share about our “close encounter”. If you’re ever in my state to do some testing, I’d be more than happy to bring out my cars (“car” until the Merc gets the “shields”), and let you guys try them on. Robert in the mid-West

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STiR Plus, HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, APC Power Control

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual and ProDB-2 Dual PhotoBlocker

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PRS4-E Prowler Remote System provides an M20 Laser Jammer and Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector.
Here is one of the newer Radar Detectors offered from Escort, the Passport 9500i combined with an M40 Laser Jammer.
M40 Laser Jammer has 4 laser modules, which can be installed 2 in the front grille and 2 on the rear bumper, or as more people prefer, 3 laser modules in front and 1 above or below the rear license plate.