Beltronics STiR Plus, Blinder HP905Quad, ProDB PhotoBlocker

Mar 10, 2011 – Longmont, CO
Beltronics designed the STi-R Plus radar detector and we added laser jammers and photo blockers for a superb radar laser jammer and photo blocker!


Customer Installed radar module with dual radar antenna (small X and larger K/Ka antenna)

Ka Frequnecy Program with following Ka programming for all USA, Canada Ka bands. You can program any region of the world using different Ka frequencies by simply turning on/off the Ka frequencies you want:

Ka1 (33.392 – 33.704) ON or OFF

Ka2 (33.704 – 33.896) ON or OFF (Ka 33.8GHz)

Ka3 (33.886 – 34.198) ON or OFF

Ka4 (34.184 – 34.592) ON or OFF (Ka Narrowband Photo, 34.3GHz)

Ka5 (34.592 – 34.808) ON or OFF (Ka 34.7 GHz)

Ka6 (34.806 – 35.166) ON or OFF

Ka7 (35.143 – 35.383) ON or OFF

Ka8 (35.378 – 35.618) ON or OFF (Ka 35.5 GHz)

Ka9 (35.595 – 35.835) ON or OFF

Ka10 (35.830 – 35.998) ON or OFF

Photo Speed Camera Data Base with WEB updates

AutoLock Memory – using GPS location and radar frequency to learn the local False Store Front Radar locations – Thus drastically reducing false radar alerts

Total RDD Invisibility to all Radar Detector Detectors used worldwide: VG2, VG4, Spectre i, Spectre ii, Spectre iii, Spectre iv and iv+, OPP Spectre in Canada

Voice alerts (WARNING Ka, WARNING PHOTO, etc.)

Brilliant Red Matrix Display for signal strength, radar band, frequency, voltage

HP-905 Quad Laser Jammer – tested best in performance at SML since 2000

Laser Jam ModeLaser Detect Only Mode

Park Assist Mode

Tri Power Switch

Plug and Play power Cords

Photo Blocker

Front License Plate, Speed Camera Photo Blocked

Rear License Plate, Speed Camera Photo Blocked

Photo Jam Mode

License Plate Lights mode

APC – Auto Power Control

Connects all of your radar, laser, photo products into one power hub, thereby reducing power cords in the cockpit

Provides a modular or extended 3 way Power Switch to provide 2 modes of power to all of your radar, laser, photo products.

You wanted absolutely the best! Then this package is it. STi-R Plus, Blinder HP-905 Quad laser jammer and Dual Speed Camera, Photo Blocker

Call 1st Radar Detectors in Canada at 250-324-8004 or in the USA at 309-681-5636 to discuss your requirements and we will figure out what what you need for your business or your vehicle, and find a US/Canada installer for you. Regards, John Turner

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, APC Power Control

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual and ProDB-2 Dual PhotoBlocker

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