Many drivers around the world get hammered by their police if they drive with a radar detector. Police in France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Virginia (in the USA), Japan, Korea, Taiwan use a device called radar detector detector to find out who is using a radar detector. Fines in many of these countries are so harsh, that most drivers will not even consider using a radar detector. Can you imagine that people get hit with $1000 fines in some of these countries for using a radar detector. The police buy the very best speed detection and RDD technology available; then they pass the harshest laws possible to prevent drivers any protection. Police hide behind hills, around blind corners, they put photo cameras in trash cans (Australia is good for this trick), and then wonder why driver’s get upset. Then they fine drivers heavily for trying to find protection. It is all about money. Well, I am here to tell you that the Bel STI Driver is a Bad to the Bone, when it comes to being stealthy. The STi DRIVER was tested recently by Speed Measurement Labs to see how well it would resist detection by the VG2, VG4, Spectre II and Spectre III radar detector detectors. If you want a radar detector that is totally, 100%, invisible to RDD, the STi DRIVER is Kick Ass. So, you drivers in Canada and Australia, even though the police try to ticket you to death; you drivers in Europe and Asia, here is your opportunity to get even. Here is why! NEW BELTRONICS STi DRIVER IS THE WORLD’S FIRST TOTALLY UNDETECTABLE RADAR DETECTOR. Digital signal processing and magnesium construction provide unbeatable performance against all traffic radar threats. BELTRONICS has taken the undisputed lead in radar detection technology with the introduction of its revolutionary new STi DRIVER Radar and Laser Detector. Available late March 06, the STi DRIVER provides significant new advances in performance, technology and construction. The STi DRIVER’s receiver design has been optimized to eliminate RF leakage, making the STi DRIVER the first radar detector that is totally undetectable by radar detector detectors (RDDs), such as the VG2, VG4, Spectre I, Spectre II and Spectre III. And the BEL STi DRIVER is the most up-to-date, high performance detector utilizing low noise amplifier (LNA) technology to optimize detection of each radar band. The STi DRIVER’s unique LNA based antenna yields excellent lower frequency X-band range while providing superior world-class sensitivity on the difficult higher-frequency K and Ka radar bands. The STi’s advanced technology is housed in a rugged magnesium case with an elegant black finish. Controls are backlit for easy nighttime operation and the STi DRIVER has the full complement of BEL advanced features, including Tech Display and Threat Display modes that can show the exact frequency received and the number of simultaneous threats detected. Mute and AutoMute functions are also included, along with VoiceAlert option. The BEL STi also comes with the most comprehensive standard accessories of any detector. The unit is packed in a rugged, beautiful, metal, carrying case with handle; the system also includes plug-in and direct-wire SmartPlug power cords, each with alert light and convenient mute button. A compact external amplified speaker is also included, assuring clear alerts even when playing your tunes to nearly the max.

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STiR Plus, HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, APC Power Control

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual and ProDB-2 Dual PhotoBlocker

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The STi Driver looks good, and is so invisible, that the RDD can drive right by your vehicle, and would never know you have a radar detector.

Police setting up their Spectre III to try and detect the STi Driver. It was a waste of their time!

The Beltronics STi Driver also detects POP3 Radar

Spectre II and Spectre III Radar Detector Detectors are useless at locating the STi Driver Radar Detector. They might as well go home, because it can not detect the Bel STi DRIVER. Shown here is the newer VG4 RDD.

Spectre II and Spectre III Radar Detector Detectors are useless at locating the STi Driver Radar Detector. They might as well go home, because it can not detect the Bel STi DRIVER. Shown here is the newer VG4 RDD.