STi Magnum Radar Detector

STi Magnum radar detector was tested at Speed Measurement Laboratories in June 2012, 2013 and 2014 with superb test results. The STi Magnum is a windshield radar detector providing superb distance alerts to K and Ka radar, and is 100% invisible to all RDD around the world such as VG2, VG4, all forms of Spectre, all forms of Stalcar in AU and OPP Spectre up yonder in Canada; and it can detect over the hill speed traps before they can detect you! K band detection is provided at 23.95 GHz, 24.15GHz and 24.1GHz for Photo Speed Camera traps and radar speed traps.

This product has been discontinued, please look at some of our alternative products


The STi Magnum big brother, STiR Plus, is even better as it adds Photo Speed Camera location alerts and false alert learning and memory, a Ka Frequency program and hidden installation. Read our radar detector reviews. Add HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, ShifterPro, Dual or ShifterPro, Quad for laser gun protection. Add ProDB Photo Blocker to protect against picture attempts by Speed Cameras, red light cameras, toll cameras and mobile proto radar vans. Read our radar detector reviews.

The STi Magnum is the best windshield radar detector that Beltronics offers, exceeding the capabilities of the previous Bel STi Driver. Call and ask for a free radar detector visor holder.

100% Undetectable to RCMP and OPP Spectre RDD in Canada. 100% Undetectable to any Spectre and Spectre Elite RDD in the USA. The STi Magnum is 100% invisible to radar detector detectors with TotalShield technology, making the STi Magnum completely invisible to all RDD, radar detector detectors. It keeps you unseen by the current VG2, VG4, Spectre, OPP Spectre, it will be completely undetectable by any future threats as well.

The patented AutoScan feature continuously analyzes all incoming signals and automatically rejects unwanted false alarms. This gives you, the driving enthusiast, the perfect balance of long-range detector performance without those annoying false alarms.

The Magnum is simple to use and operate. Preset at the factory, the Bel STi Magnum is optimized for short or long trips in North America. However, you can customize up to 9 features to meet your specific driving style.

The Magnum STi is easy to understand with digital voice alerts keep you informed without taking your eyes off the road. For extremely noisy environments, ask about our amplified speaker option. Using the brightest text display possible, the Beltronics radar detector is easy to read from any angle. Choose from three different meter modes.

The Magnum comes with Beltronics AutoMute feature, which automatically reduces the volume level during an alert. Or, simply press the large front-mounted Mute button on the detector or SmartCord (included) during an alert to instantly quiet the audio.

The Beltronics STi Magnum has four levels of brightness, including an auto mode which automatically changes the brightness based on the ambient light in the vehicle. You can also select full dark mode and use the power-on and alert indicators on the SmartCord for complete stealth operation.

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