PhotoBlocker-ProDB-4D: UK, Euro, 52cm Plate

The Photo Blocker ProDB-4D plus APC Power Control is designed with two photo blockers above a single wide 20″ (52cm) UK or Euro license plate, defeating a speed camera, red light camera, toll camera or traffic camera from acquiring an image of your single license plate in the UK, Europe and Asia. ProDB is designed as a photo blocker to protect your License Plate privacy and data by detecting when a speed camera, using a white flash or invisible infrared flash, single flash or dual flash, to take a picture of your single, 20″ wide (52cm wide) license plate in England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and Asia. The ProDB-4D Photo Blocker includes the APC Power Control with a 4 way power switch:

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Mode 3 = Photoblock/Detect Mode, HP905 Laser Detector / Laser Jammer (HP905 laser jammer is optional), Radar Detector on (radar detector is optional)
Mode 2 = ProDB Photo Detect only, Laser Detector Only, (HP905 laser jammer is optional), Radar Detector on (radar detector is optional)
Mode 1 = ProDB License Plate Lights Only, Park Assist Only, (HP905 laser jammer is optional), Radar Detector on (radar detector is optional)
Mode 0 = Power OFF to instantly switch the entire system off, such as when you drive into a tool booth or when safety vehicles are near by!

Do you like all the speed cameras in the UK and Europe? People wonder if there is a solution to defeat a speed camera. Our Videos and camera images prove our state of the art, photo blocker technology will defeat every kind of speed camera there is!!!! And it is 100% legal and easy to install on your license plates. Photo Blocker defeats a single flash or dual flash, speed camera, red light camera, traffic camera and toll camera, and also uses false alert algorithms to minimize false alerts. The new digital cameras today are capable of seeing through the photo sprays that you used to spray on your license plates. The Digital speed cameras can also see through the plastic lens/photo plates that you used to install over your license plates. 99% of all speed cameras today are designed with a very wide, digital wavelength capability, which can see through the photo sprays and the plastic lenses that some companies offer. However, no matter if the camera uses a white light or an invisible infrared light, the digital camera can not see through white light. And if the camera tries to inverse the images (reverse the wavelengths inside the picture), the ProDB Photo Blocker will still defeat the Speed camera, red light camera, toll camera and mobile speed camera van. Add HP905 QuadLaser Jammer, ShifterPro, Dual or ShifterPro, Quad for laser gun protection.

The APC Power Control is included and is a great power control device that allows you to plug or connect all of your radar/laser/photo countermeasures to a single power control unit, switching power to each mode of operation to all three products using a single rotary power switch. When you enter into a speed trap and after you have taken the appropriate action to adjust your speed, which countermeasure do you want to turn off. If you get flustered in the speed trap, and you are not sure which countermeasure to turn off, the APC simplifies the decision, by using one power switch that controls power to 1 or 3 modes of operation of the radar detector, laser jammer and photo blocker.

ProDB Photo Blocker is 100% effective and legal. While some radar detectors alert to the locations of speed cameras, the data base used by radar detectors is only about 70% effective, as the data base is always 6 months to 12 months slow to update where new cameras have been installed or removed. And the Mobile speed camera vans are never included in the data base, which is why you see more an more mobile speed camera vans to get your money. Mobile speed camera traps can be set up in 5 minutes at the north side of town, then move every hour to different locations around town, thus a radar detector, data base, can never know where the new cameras and mobile speed vans are located. The ProDB Photo Blocker does not care about camera location and a data base. It simply monitors the area in front of the photo blocker for a camera flash, either white flash or infrared flash. And when the flash is detected, day time or night time, the ProDB will instantly protect your license plate with an extremely shirt pulse, white light, protecting your license plate from the unwanted image, protecting your data.

You can defeat photo radar and prevent speed cameras, traffic cameras, toll cameras and mobile speed cameras from getting a picture of your license plate. The ProDB-4D Speed Camera Photo Blocker defeats single flash cameras and dual flash cameras in the UK, Europe and Asia. In photo blocker mode, the Speed Camera Blocker detects when a speed camera tries to take a picture of your license plate, and electronically PREVENTS THE LICENSE PLATE IMAGE. The photo blocker is not an ineffective photo spray, nor is it a license plate cover. It is an electronic countermeasure to speed camera traps. Photo radar enforcement systems; such as speed cameras, photo radar vans and red light cameras, are frequently abused and become tools for local municipalities to grab your cash! The Power Cable and LED Alert has four modes of power:

Here are three recent examples (there are thousands more)
1) In Richland Hills, Texas, officials manipulate the yellow signal timing by slicing the warning time from 3.6 seconds to 3.0 seconds They generate $300,000 in extra revenue from fines.
2) In 2009, Winnipeg, Manitoba photo radar is put at road construction sites at times when no construction is taking place and generates thousands of tickets. Many are paid before the government responds to public outrage and cancels all the tickets. No refunds are given.
3) Officials in New South Wales, Australia are forced to refund 18,944 faulty or illegally issued speed camera citations. The NSW state government returns $3,788,885 worth of citations issued by units that were not operating properly. The registered owner of a vehicle is the one punished, even if they were not the driver. The ticket does nothing to punish or change the habits of the actual drivers. You pay fines and the road is no safer. Speeding limit tolerances have been set as low as 3mph. It’s a range that does not allow for normal fluctuations in vehicle speedometer accuracy. A cash grab, pure and simple. Finally, the evolution of protection against photo radar abuse has caught up with the system. Speeding can be unsafe, but you should not be cheated either.

How does ProDB Photo Blocker work? We see them before they see you. The Photo Radar, Speed Camera Blocker mounts quickly and discreetly onto the top of any North American sized license plate. It actually responds in nanoseconds, but we do not want to brag. A burst of light is fired downward across your license plate, so quickly that the human eye can barely register that it has happened. The enforcement camera takes a picture, but it is impossible to get the license plate image. It is over in a flash. They get a picture of a vehicle, but no license plate image. Your plate is not modified in any way. No sprays or covers here folks! It is Protection at the Speed of Light, in any weather and at any time of day, Day or Night. Does not matter where they hide. Whether the enforcement cameras are mobile, installed on the side of suburban highways, or static mounted on overpasses, poles or bridges, hiding up in trees or in fake garbage cans alongside the road; the ProDB photo blocker defeats all forms of a speed camera to prevent speed camera photographs of your license plates. It is a modern world with cameras everywhere, but if you have a photo blocker, your license plate can not be imaged with out your authorization. Photo traffic cameras make a lot of money for governments that use them and the camera companies that build them (those companies often take a share of the money generated under contract with governments).

The Speed Camera PhotoBlocker can be installed in less than 30 minutes and requires no special tools. The photo blocker includes an alert module and photo blocker module, providing audio and visual alerts. The photo blocker uses detectors to monitor both sides of the road, straight ahead of you and on to overpasses. It finds the signature of a photo radar system and protects your plate instantly. It is worth its weight in gold! More than worth the investment. The average life expectancy of the ProDB-4D PhotoBlocker is a whopping 15,000 flashes. That prevents a lot of tickets, folks. It is like being hit with a fine 9 times a day, every day, for 5 years! As we said, we do not want you to be speeding, but sometimes it happens. You will like what the photo blocker does for you.

ProDB-4D for a single UK, Europe or Asia License Plate to alert to any attempt to photograph a single wide license plate;

Blocks all Speed Cameras, Toll Cameras, Red Light Cameras and Traffic Cameras by detecting Photo attempt, and preventing the speed camera photograph without interfering with the speed camera or radar trap in any way;

APC Power Control included

4 Modes of APC Operation to photoblocker, laser jammer (optional) and radar detector (optional)
Mode 3 = (RED Mode LED) Photoblock/Detect Mode, HP905 Laser Detector / Laser Jammer, Radar Detector on
Mode 2 = (Amber Mode LED) ProDB Photo Detect only, HP905 Laser Detector Only, Radar Detector on
Mode 1 = (Yellow Mode LED) ProDB License Plate Lights Only, HP905 Park Assist Only, Radar Detector on
Mode 0 = (Mode LED Off) Power OFF to instantly switch the entire system off, such as when you drive into a tool booth or when safety vehicles are near by

Upon the initial startup with 1 or 2 photo blockers plugged in, you will see the Photo LED on the APC turn red, indicating initial communication and self test between ProDB and APC. The Photo LED will stay red for a typical 15 seconds, then turn green indicating operation is ready to detect dual flash and single flash speed cameras. The MODE LED changes color according to Mode that you switch to: Mode 3 = Red; Mode 2 = Orange/Amber; Mode 1 = yellow

APC Audio Alert and LED alert

APC connects your ProDB Photoblocker, optional HP905 laser jammer and optional radar detector to 1 power control module for all three products

Detects white light and invisible Infrared Light

Detects single flash and dual flash cameras

Provides a typical 15 second time out after a Dual Flash, giving you time to turn the Photoblocker off if a safety truck is flashing xenon lights;

Provides up to 3 seconds for dual flash detection as you cross a wide intersection

Provides false flash prevention to minimize false alerts caused by bright reflections, light transitions, etc.

Provides a wide detection window at +/- 40 degrees in front of the photoblocker.

Plug in and connect connect two Blinder HP905 laser jammers into the back of the APC

Plug one windshield radar detector (Passport Max, Passport 9500ix, Escort Redline, STi Magnum, Valentine One) for power from the APC.

Connect the STiR Plus or the Passport 9500ci remote radar detector to the APC for power control.


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