Photo Blocker

Photo Radar, speed cameras and traffic cameras take unauthorized pictures of your vehicle license plates to issue photo tickets and generate huge amounts of tax revenue. Radar guns, laser guns and magnetic strips under the road are used as the trigger to initiate the photograph. But the ProDB Photo Blocker prevents images of your license plate by any speed camera, traffic camera, mobile photo radar speed vans, radar cameras and Speed On Green cameras. Speed camera detectors and GPS Radar Detectors can detect fixed location radar cameras, but can not alert to new speed camera locations or mobile photo radar speed camera vans. So a radar detector can only detect about 65% of the speed camera locations, while the ProDB photo blocker is 100% effective against a speed camera, toll camera, red light camera or mobile photo speed van using flash photograph to get an image of your license plate(s). Digital photo cameras can actually see through passive plate covers and photo sprays, so those license plate covers and photo sprays can’t stop a speed camera from getting your plate registration. In addition, police issue speeding tickets, when they see a tinted license cover over your license plates, which is called obfuscation. The ProDB photo blocker is legal, as it does not hide your plates at all, will only protect your data when a camera tries to take your data and is 100% effective against all traffic cameras, speed cameras, radar cameras, mobile van speed cameras, UK speed cameras and Speed on Green cameras – protects your vehicle and motorcycle. FREE FedEx GROUND SHIPPING in the continental USA on most ORDERS OVER $475!

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