Quick release, windshield sticky cup mount


Our heavy duty mount moves the radar detector closer to you and provides a single, quick release, windshield suction cup to hold all Escort radar detectors (excpept Solo 2 and Solo 3) as well as all Beltronics radar detectors. Supports the Passport 9500ix, Passport 8500 x50, STi Driver, Bel RX65 as well as all current Beltronics radar detectors.

Supports these major radar detectors
Passport 9500ix, radar detector, does not support the Passport Max
Passport 9500i, radar detector
Passport 8500 x50, radar detector
STi Magnum, Beltronics, radar detector
Beltronics Pro300, radar detector
Beltronics Pro 500, radar detector
Escort Redline

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Weight 1 kg


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