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Run the power cord with the telepahone jack connector (RJ11) from the radar detector power input, up to the cloth header at the top of the cockpit. Place your fingers up where the cloth header meets the windshield. There is a slight opening where the cloth header meets the windshield. Gently stuff the power cord in between the header and the glass windshield as you go across the windshield top. Run the power cord to the far left or far right of the windshield. The A Pillar is the metal frame between your door and windshield. Guide the power cord to the gap between the A Pillar and windshield, where you can push the power cord into the gap as it travels down the windshield. When you get to the bottom of the A Pillar and Windshield, bring the power cord from the bottom of the A Pillar gap to the top/side of the dash, pushing the power cord into the gap between the dash and bottom of the A pillar.

As you approach the door with the cable, drop the cable down the dash side. Take a look at the weather grommet of the inner door frame by the dash. It is designed to keep water out, and you can run the power cord down the weather strip on the side closest to the dash. Don’t run the power cord over the weather strip, which could allow water to get inside the vehicle. At the bottom of the dash, run the power cord down under the dash, and then up inside such that the wire never hangs down below the dash. Run it to the 12 volt power source that you wish to use, (Cigarette power Adaptor or the fuse box). If the fuse box, plug 12 volt lead of the power Cord to the appropriate 12 Volt accessory. The newer cars run CANBUS power systems and there are specific points where you can connect. Usually the power going to the Cigarette Lighter is the safest, but verify first.

Stuff the power cord into the creases so that it is unseen. Take time and do it right. At the bottom of the A Pillar bring the power cord back along the dash top in the creases, stuffing the cable into the creases. Again take your time and do it the way you want to see it done.

When the power Cable reaches the dash, such that you can guide the power cord down the side of the dash, making sure to stay on the cockpit side of the weather grommet, to the bottom of the dash, and then under the dash to the 12 volt ignition connection point.

If you are running the BELTRONICS STiR Plus or Escort 9500ci power cord, it has a connector in between the two cords. You can hide it as you wish or cut the connector out and splice the colored wires for one continuous cable. If you do not know how to properly do this, call a local installer.

If you are using our special CIGARETTE POWER PLUG: The Cigarette Plug has as a red knob (12 Volts), and a black knob (Ground). The Long Direct Power Cord has a black lead (ground), and a black lead with a red stripe (12 Volts). Cut the female connector off and the round ground lug off both ends of the cable. Strip the wire back 1/2″, twist the wire, and double the wire over. Unscrew the Cigarette plug (red and black) knobs until you see the thru hole. Slip the black wire thru the black knob hole and black/red stripe wire thru the red knob thru hole, and tighten enough to hold the wire but not enough to break the wire. If Cigarette Plug, simply plug in the CIG PLUG adaptor, and you are ready to go.

Optional Radar Detector VISOR HOLDER
Place the (black or gray) visor holder on the visor by running the two elastic bands over the top of the visor, centering the visor holder on the visor. The visor should be in the up position and when the holder is properly installed the two pockets are below the sun visor, facing downward. Use a cloth or foam above the visor to keep it level. The Velcro lid can fold over the radar detector to completely hide it, using voice alerts only; or you can locate the Velcro lid on top of the radar detector so that you can see the display. Run the power cord directly up to the cloth header at the top of the windshield. The Visor holder will hold the Valentine One, Passport 9500ix, Escort Redline, STi Magnum, Bel Pro 300. It also holds the radar module of the STiR Plus, Escort 9500ci, Escort 8500ci, Passport Qi45 to name a few. It will hold your insurance papers and a pen, as you can see there is a pen holder up there too. The two elastic straps are wide and strong for long lasting support. Run the power cord with the telephone jack connector (RJ11) into the side hole of either pocket of the optional VISOR HOLDER where you wish to hold the detector. Holding the radar detector in your hand outside of the visor holder, plug into the radar detector. Gently slide the radar detector into the pocket, such that the power cord is not cramped on the inside. The STiR Plus and Passport 9500ci power cord comes out the back of the detector, rather then the right or left side of the detector.

Locate your grille mounted radar detector up on the passenger visor to increase radar detector life

Significantly improve radar detection performance by moving the detector from the grille to the inside passenger visor

Supports the Escort radar detectors such as Passport 9500ci, Escort Redline, Passport 9500ix, STi-R Plus, STi Magnum

Plug power into the Cigarette Power outlet, rather than hard wire into the fuse box

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