Redline Radar Detector, HP905 Triple Laser Jammer

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Escort Redline HP 905

We discounted the Blinder laser jammer by $100 to make the Redline Radar Detector and HP905 Triple a more cost effective, high performance radar laser system.  Redline Radar Detector was tested at Speed Measurement Labs in June 2011 and again in 2012 and proved to be the best high way radar detector from Escort Radar with radar operation in the windshield. We combined the Redline with the HP-905 Triple Laser Jammer, the best laser jammer installed in the grille. The Blinder HP-905 Triple provides 3 laser modules, typically installed two in front and one on the rear license plate. The HP905 performance is absolutely superb, and the test results at Speed Measurement Labs in June 2013 prove it is the best laser jammer available. It has WEB updates and defeats the 13 laser guns used in the USA, Canada and laser guns in AU, NZ and Europe. The WEB updates let you add any country for laser guns support. The Redline Radar Detector and HP905 Triple laser jammer is one of the best combo systems we offer for radar and laser protection. Retail is $1289.85, and we add optional gray radar detector visor holder, no taxes other than Colorado, no shipping costs in continental USA.

When combined with a laser jammer, the Escort Redline does not get any better. The Redline radar detector will alert to X/K/Ka radar at 9 miles plus. It detects hidden radar detector in the windshield to alert to hidden speed traps around blind curves. It provides 100% electronic invisibility to police radar detector detectors in the USA, AU, Canada and Europe. The Escort Redline was one of the two best windshield radar detectors tested at Speed Measurement Labs in 2012. So, we had to combine it with the best laser jammer. Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple provides voice alerts, WEB updates for all new laser guns, superb laser detection and jamming, ultra small size and easy installation. The HP-905 is 1/3 the size of the previous M47 laser jammer and twice as effective. Call to get a FREE radar detector visor holder (gray).

The Redline radar detector provides voice alerts and a red display. The Laser Jammer is an HP-905 Compact Triple for cars, trucks and SUVs provides the best radar detector and best laser jammer as a package. You will detect police radar and all laser guns. Blinder HP905 laser jammer detects and blocks speed readings of all laser guns while you adjust your speed. Blinder introduced the Blinder HP-905 Compact laser jammer in June 2012 at Speed Measurement Labs. The HP-905 provides three distinct power modes: Laser Jam, Laser Detect and Park Assist, so that you can switch into any active or passive safe modes with a click of the switch.

The Redline Radar Detector detects X, K, Ka, POP3 radar. The Escort Redline is a windshield mounted detector providing superb radar alerts and 100% electronic invisibility to police radar detector detectors. Voice alerts are provided to L, X, K, superwide Ka and POP3 radar. The Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple laser jammer is grille mounted.

Escort Radar provides TSR False Alert Rejection

Dual radar antenna

HP905 Triple laser Jammer with Park Assist, Laser Jam and Laser Detect Modes

Radiant Red, High-Resolution LCD Display

VOICE Alerts plus Audio and Visual Alerts

Intelligent Volume Control

User-Selectable Modes of Operation

5 Levels of Brightness Control

Completely invisible to VG-2, VG-4, Spectre, Stalcar in Australia, OPP Spectre in Canada and all radar detector-detectors

Mute, AutoMute & SmartMute

Safety Warning System alerts to Construction Dangers

Gray Radar Detector Visor Holder ($39.95, free, to hide the Escort Redline from view)

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