Radar Laser Jammer

A radar detector is combined with a laser jammer and speed camera, photo blocker or a laser detector to prevent a speeding ticket. The best radar detector today is the STiR Plus and Passport 9500ci with superb highway test results, electronic invisibility to all police RDD. They both have WEB updates, free for the first 90 days, false radar alert memory, and much more. Detect speed traps before your speed is acquired. Add our Photo Blocker to detect and prevent speed cameras from getting an photograph image of your license plate. The best radar detector, photo blocker and laser jammer can prevent a speeding ticket. STi-R Plus from Beltronics and the Passport 9500ci from Escort Radar provide the top, custom installed, radar detectors. STi Magnum, Escort Redline, Passport Max 2 and Passport 9500ix are the best windshield radar detectors. Blinder HP905 Laser Jammer is used to defeat laser speed traps. ShifterPro, sometimes called the Laser Shifter, is also a superb laser jammer. Both the Passport 9500ci made by Escort Radar and the STiR Plus Radar Detector from Beltronics are totally invisible to all radar detector detectors, RDD, such as Spectre, Stalcar, OPP Spectre, VG2, VG4, and can detect hidden radar speed traps. FREE FED EX GROUND SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL USA ON MOST U.S. ORDERS OVER $475!

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Passport Max 2, HP905 Triple Laser Jammer


Passport Max 2 and Blinder HP905 Triple for your Car Truck and SUV. PASSPORT MAX provides High Definition (HD), Radar Detector capability.Passport Max 2 Radar Detector was tested at Speed Measurement Labs on June 28-30, 2013 to compare the Passport Max pe..

Redline Radar Detector, HP905 Triple Laser Jammer


We discounted the Blinder laser jammer by $100 to make the Redline Radar Detector and HP905 Triple a more cost effective, high performance radar laser system.  Redline Radar Detector was tested at Speed Measurement Labs in June 2011 and again in 2012..

STi Magnum, HP905 Triple Laser Jammer

$1,249.95 Originally $1,289.85

We discounted the Blinder laser jammer by $100, plus no shipping costs for Fed Ex Ground in the lower 48 states in USA, we added a $40 gray visor holder at no charge and no taxes except in CO to make this a more attractive, radar laser jammer. We tested t..

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual, ProDB1 Photoblocker, APC

$3,069.95 Originally $3,299.80

This high performance custom installed radar laser detector includes an STiR Plus from Beltronics, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual from Blinder Laser (6 laser transceivers), ProDB-1 PhotoBlocker (1 photoblocker) for rear license plate, speed camera protection..

STiR Plus, ShifterPro, Quad Laser Jammer and APC

$2,549.95 Originally $2,779.85

The STiR Plus is a custom installed radar detector combined with the ShifterPro Quad Laser Shifter, the finest laser jammer from Escort Radar. The APC Power Control is provided at no cost to control both products with one power switch. The ..

STiRPlus, HP905Quad, HP905Dual, APC Power Control

$2,939.95 Originally $3,169.75

This high performance combo package includes Beltronics, STiR Plus, Blinder HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual (6 mini-laser modules) and the APC Auto Power Control to connect all products to a single, 4 MODE power switch. The APC hides all the power cables..

Passport Max2, HP905 Triple, ProDB-1 PhotoBlocker, APC Power Control


The Passport MAX 2 incorporates built in blue tooth for wireless connection to your iPhone or Droid cel phone. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to provide significant advantages over traditional radar detectors. The RF transceiver of the Passport Max is ne..

STiR Plus HP905 Quad and APC Power Control


This high performance combo package includes STiR Plus and the HP905 Quad Laser Jammer combined with the APC Auto Power Control. The STiR Plus is the #1 radar detector in the world and provides radar speed trap alerts and detects all radar frequencies. It..

Passport 9500ci with ShifterPro


Passport 9500ci is a custom installed radar detector, combined with the ShifterPro laser shifter with two laser defense modules to prevent a laser speeding ticket on the front of your car in the USA and Canada. The 9500ci detects radar speed traps, detect..

Passport 9500ci with ShifterPro, Quad


Passport 9500ci is one of the two finest installed radar detectors, which includes the Shifter Pro, Quad providing 4, (not two) FOUR laser shifters for front and rear laser gun protection to prevent a laser speeding ticket in the USA and Canada. Dete..

STi Magnum, HP905 Triple, ProDB-1 Photo Blocker, APC

$1,519.95 Originally $1,749.85

We tested the STi Magnum and Blinder HP905 Triple, Laser Jammer in June 2013 at Speed Measurement Labs and both products tested as best in test for highway radar detectors and laser jammers. The ProDB-1 Photo Blocker to defeat any type of speed camera, to..

Redline Radar Detector, HP905 Triple, ProDB1, APC


Redline Radar Detector is combined with the HP905 Triple laser jammer and the ProDB-1 Photo Blocker. A highly effective combo radar laser jammer. Redline Radar Detector was tested at Speed Measurement Labs and proved to be one of the best high way radar d..

STiR Plus, HP905 Dual & Quad, Photo Blocker Dual ProDB-2

$3,319.00 Originally $3,589.75

This high performance combo package includes Beltronics, STiR Plus, Blinder HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual (6 laser transceivers), ProDB-2 PhotoBlocker (2 photo blockers) for front and rear speed camera protection, and the APC Auto Power Control to conn..

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