Laser Jammer, HP905, Dual

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laser jammer HP905 Blinder HP-905

The Blinder HP905 is a laser jammer with two laser sensors for the front of your vehicle to provide superb laser gun defense, combined with 4 modes of operation: Off, Laser Detector, Park Assist and Laser Jammer.

HP905 has the smallest, most effective laser diode packages available today! Call for best pricing and Installation Support in your local region.

1st Radar Detectors reviewed the HP905 Compact Laser Defense at Speed Measurement Labs in June 2013.

WEB downloads are provided to keep your HP905 Dual sensor laser shifter updated as new laser guns come out in the future. And the laser modules are very small and discreet. There are companies that talk the talk, but the HP905 Compact is very well designed for top performance and broad capabilities. And it is designed to operate at lower operating temperatures, thus the operating life is much better than the competitive products.

In Park Assist mode, the HP905 Compact will alert you with audio, visual and voice alerts while you park your car in a dark garage where you could bump into vertical objects that could damage your vehicle. Park Assist has a second valuable feature. The Blinder HP-905 Dual is shipped in the Laser Detect mode. You as the driver can choose to operate in Mode 1 Park Assist mode, Mode 2 Laser Detector mode or Mode 3 Laser Jammer operation.

INSTALLATION: HP905 laser block Interface Module has two switches
1) front left MODE Switch should be to the left for Laser Jammer, or to the right for Park Assist Only
2) right Side EXT/INT Switch should be upward when using the external 4 way, power switch, downward when using the Interface Switch only
The 4 way Rotary Power Switch provides 4 modes of operation; Mode 3 = Laser Jammer, Mode 2 = Laser Detector, Mode 1 = Park Assist and Mode 0 = OFF.

In Laser Block, Mode 3, the HP-905 Dual will detect a laser gun beam painting your vehicle, analyze the laser beam and determine which laser gun is painting your vehicle in less than 1 nanosecond (for those of you who are not sure how fast that is, one nanosecond is 1 billionth of a second - it's much faster than the laser gun); then the laser jammer send back a blanking pulse that is undetectable to the laser gun, causing the laser gun to NOT DISPLAY a SPEED of your vehicle. Even the laser guns using frequency pulse hopping between two or more pulse repetition (PRF) frequencies are detected by the Blinder and blocked.

There are a number of laser defense companies, all claiming to be the best; but Laser Blinder is the only company that has considered all the laser gun advances, and have developed common sense technology advances to defeat those laser guns. In addition, WEB downloads are available to keep your HP905 up to date.

Blinder Laser developed the HP-905 Compact Dual Defense to provide an ultra compact design and absolutely superb laser detection and laser jamming of all known laser guns operating today. The Laser Interface module accepts from 1 to 4 laser modules to be plugged in for front only production or front and rear laser protection.

Not only that, it has WEB download capabilities so that you can update it with new laser jam codes as new laser guns are released. The HP905 Triple provides four different modes of operation using a 4 mode, rotary power switch:

Mode 3 = Laser Detect & Laser Jammer and Voice Alert

Mode 2 = Laser Detector ONLY with Voice Alert

Mode 1 = Laser Park Assist ONLY with Audio Alert

Mode 0 = All Power OFF.

The HP-905 Compact Dual Sensor is a small and easy to install laser detector and laser blocker. It is highly effective at detecting and defeating laser guns. Shipped as a laser detector, you make the decision if and when to jam laser guns. The 4 way power switch gives you that capability. The laser diode is highly effective, yet it is eye safe with laser Classification of 1M, far more safe than competitive laser jammers. The HP 905 Dual Compact is designed to keep internal temperatures low by transferring heat to an aluminum enclosure, making the HP-905 Compact is a much more reliable than competitive laser shifters.

Superb laser jammer with ultra small compact design for hidden installation. Web Downloads to keep your HP905 up to date with all the laser codes in your country.  high reliability. The HP 905 Compact is a laser jammer with the best, most effective laser diodes, and offers the highest reliability on laser life in the market today.

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