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1st Radar Detectors reviews the Blinder HP-905

Jul 11, 2012 - NIWOT, CO -
HP905 Compact Laser Jammer, Dual. The HP-905 Quad and Triple laser jammers are contained in the same size box with either 3 or 4 laser modules.
Look how small the HP905 laser module is compared to a US Quarter, which is small.
The laser module is much smaller than the previous Blinder M47 laser jammer module
Power Mode Switch Mode 1 is Park Assist Mode II is Laser Detect Only Mode III is Laser Detect and Defend

During the annual radar detector test in June of 2012, the HP-905 laser jammer was tested as a laser defense system.

Laser Detection out to 3 miles and Laser Jamming: 0 to 3000 feet

Laser Jamming Performance: Stalker (both laser guns), JTG (Jam to Gun); Kustom Pro 1, 2, 3, 4 and Kustom ProLite, JTG; Laser Atlanta and Laser Atlanta Stealth, JTG; LTI TruSpeed, TruSpeed S, UltraLyte LRB, LTI 2020, JTG; Laser Ally JTG. HP905 was updated for the latest Laser Gun Codes in February 2013 and is today the most effective laser jammer due to updated codes, user friendly operation.

Laser Jamming: The three most difficult laser guns are Stalker, Laser Atlanta and Laser Ally, all of which are detected and jammed by the HP-905. The HP-905 also defeats the Kustom Pro laser gun and all the European laser guns, such as Laveg, TraffiPatrol, etc..

Blinder WEB downloads are available to add additional laser gun codes from recent laser gun updates.

 Laser Module Size: 0.5" tall (12.25mm) x 1.47 deep ( 38mm) x 2" wide (51mm)

Cable length: appx 16 feet, 4.88M

HP-905 Interface Module: 3.94" x 2.19" x 1.125"

There is a new Blinder WEB download coming, estimated 1st week of December 2012, which improves the HP905 laser jamming code. This is the major advantage that Blinder offers, in that as new laser guns are introduced, Blinder updates the laser gun code, so that you can log onto the Blinder Download URL address once a year, and update your laser gun code.

Compared to the Blinder M47, the laser modules are less than 1/4 of the size of an M47 laser module. Everything about the HP905 Compact laser modules is compact. The HP-905 laser modules are small, the size of a quarter, easy to hide and install. Our HP-905 video on HOME page (top right video box) shows a quarter beside the laser module. The connections to the Blinder interface are plug and play using RJ45 plug in connections. Volume control is provided. The Blinder interface now provides voice alerts, and --- it voices which laser gun it is encountering. For you techies, that is very nice! I will discuss how this is done later.

The power switch has 3 modes, 1) Park Assist, 2) Laser Detect Only, 3) Laser Detect and Laser Jam. 0 is power off. The rotary switch is easy to select power modes, giving you discretion on whether to use park assist, laser detect or laser jam, and then switch modes as needed while you drive down the highway.

Laser is becoming more prominent with police. Why? When there are heavy traffic patterns, most radar guns are unable to track a single vehicle speed. This is due to the large radar beam pattern. There are new radar guns being introduced by Stalker this year using a radar technique called Fourier Transform, which can target multiple vehicles in a traffic pattern and simultaneously display individual speeds to the police officer. A laser gun uses a narrow, invisible, infrared laser beam, which points at one vehicle at a time. The beam does grow in diameter as it travels down the highway, but the beam is still very difficult to detect using a radar detector in the windshield, because the laser beam is being aimed at your license plate, bumper and headlights. With a radar detector, even if you do detect the laser beam, your radar/laser alert is really telling you, that the policeman already has logged your speed on his laser gun. The only way to defeat laser guns is not just detection; but detecting the laser beam, alerting you and delaying the laser gun from reading your vehicle speed; which we call laser jammer.

So how does Blinder detect and defend against laser guns? All laser guns transmit a laser pulse, which is a light beam traveling at the speed of light, literally it is that fast. If you could slow time down so that you could see a laser beam traveling in slow motion, the laser gun beam would look similar to a white picket fence traveling down the highway. For clarity, imagine a series of bright pulses, each followed by a shadow in the laser beam. Although the laser beam is invisible, if you think of it as a visible picket fence, it is easier to understand how the laser gun works and how the laser jammer responds to it. 

Each pulse is timed precisely in the laser beam. Each laser gun manufacturer uses different sets of pulses, called "pulse repetition frequency", thus each laser gun has a unique signature pulse repetition frequency (PRF), which is recognized in Blinder HP-905 memory. Each laser gun has a PRF signature that the HP905 recognizes instantly and when HP905 detects the beam, it can voice the actual laser gun being encountered to the driver, regarding that laser gun. And when encountered, the Blinder knows instantly what to send back to cause that laser gun to prevent the reading of your vehicle velocity. 

Several of the newest laser guns use, what we called in the Marine Corps aviation, pulse hopping, such that the exact timing of the pulse train varies in repetition frequency during the transmission of the laser beam. Pulse hopping is not new, but it is new to the laser gun industry. We did this electronic countermeasure stuff back in the day for aircraft radar. Pulse hopping modes of laser guns are the difficult processes, but Blinder solved this problem just as quickly as in the past. All the other laser guns are a cake walk too.  

And before we go to far into the review, you guys and gals driving with Blinders are supposed to think perceptively when using a laser defense. When you get the alert, if you are young and foolish, you think how cool it is to jam the laser gun all the way to the laser gun. NOT! Your job is to delay the reading just long enough so that you can adjust your speed (maybe you have to speed up to get to the posted speed limit - right?), then turn the Blinder HP905 off, so that when they pull the laser gun trigger the second time, they read a legal speed of your vehicle on their laser gun. Why, you ask? Discretion! Your job is to get from point A to point B, safely, without drawing attention to your selves, so jamming to the laser gun is not the right tactic, even thought the Blinder is more than capable of doing this. I say this twice. Your job is to be discrete, defending just long enough to adjust your speed, then turn the laser defense to a different mode and let them read your speed. We all were young and foolish once, but now it is time to be wise and discreet. Practice how you respond to a laser alert when driving down the highway so that you have your response down pat when you encounter radar and laser traps. Be observant when driving down the highway. Look at those overpasses a 1/4 mile in front of you to see if a motorcycle cop is sitting up there with a laser gun. Look to your right as you go under a bridge to see if a cop is sitting on the entry ramp with a radar gun or laser gun, waiting for you to pass and they pop you from the rear. Observe the center lanes for laser and radar traps. Those guys with radar and laser guns want your money. Safety is the excuse, but money for nothing is their goal.

The Blinder is capable of tracking a constant PRF as well as a pulse hopping PRF, and does it so well that even the latest laser guns are useless. And the HP905 Compact is WEB downloadable to update any new laser gun codes to your Blinder HP905 laser jammer. The download sequence is a snap. Bring a laptop to the vehicle, plug in the USB cable, log onto Blinder link, download new code. It is that straight forward. When the laser gun techs change their laser PRF, Blinder knows about it and updates the HP905 laser download code. Another One Bites the Dust. Another One's Gone....

Look how small the laser module is at right. You can set a quarter by it and as you can see the quarter is twice as tall as the laser module. It is actually better compared to the height of a US dime. For those of you not familiar with US coins, the quarter is about 24.4mm tall and a dime is about 17.63mm in height. Youse guys in Europe and AU have simialr sized coins. Needless to say, the laser modules are SMALL, and easy to install. Each laser module has a slightly wider detection area as well. On a typical passenger car, you only need a DUAL HP905 for the front, and if you wanted to go front and rear, a TRIPLE will do the job for trucks, passenger cars and smaller sedans. If you have a Dooly, a large pickup truck or a Hummer, then consider a HP-905 QUAD, three front and one rear. I know some of youse guys want total capitulation of the laser guns. So if you prefer, get an HP905 Quad for the front and an HP-905 Compact Dual for the rear. Call us at 720-635-3931, and if you purchase from AppliedTechnologies USA, we will locate an installer for you. We offer the best performance and service to our customers. We test product performance so that you can tell which products are best for your driving. The Blinder HP-905 Compact is the best laser jammer I have seen produced and tested. It comes as the HP905 Quad, HP905 Triple or HP905 Dual

Call 1st Radar Detectors in Canada at 250-324-8004 or in the USA at 720-635-3931 to discuss your requirements and we will figure out what what you need for your business or your vehicle, and find a US/Canada installer for you. Regards, John Turner

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad Laser Jammer, APC Power Control

STiR Plus, HP905 Quad, HP905 Dual and ProDB-2 Dual PhotoBlocker

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