Are you looking for a top radar detector system with laser jammers and photo blockers for the front and back of your car, truck or SUV? The best radar laser jammer system you can get with front rear radar detection, electronic RDD invisibility, Ka frequency programming, WEB updates, radar false alert learning & memory, physical invisibility, front/rear laser jammers, front/rear photo blockers and a free APC power Control. Call John at 720-635-3931. ORDER SECURELY with our 256 BIT ORDER ENCRYPTION SECURITY

How do you know which installed radar detector is best? Is it the K40 RL360i Radar Detector, Beltronics STiR Plus or Passport 9500ci radar laser detector? Why? Our Radar Experts provide advice on a radar laser detector, laser jammer, radar jammer or photo blocker? We are an authorized dealer for Beltronics, Escort Radar and the Blinder HP905 Quad, Laser Jammer. Escort Passport and Beltronics have banned these WEB companies from radar detector sales. Most WEB site companies offer a variety of products, all untested by their company. 1st Radar Detectors has tested radar detectors, laser jammers and photo blockers with Speed Measurement Laboratories in El Paso, TX. We have experience testing products for best performance. The Passport 9500ci and Laser ShifterPro now provides Laser Gun Code WEB UPDATES. We have superb test results on Passport Max2, STiR Plus, Passport 9500ci, Escort Redline, STi Magnum, ProDB photo blockers, laser blockers including Blinder HP905, Laser Interceptor, Anti-Laser and K40!

Do you want Performance or Low Cost? Performance is what we are about!!! Doesn't do you any good to get a poor radar detector and laser jammer, and then get a speeding ticket for lack of performance. Our ProDB Photo Blocker easily defeats speed cameras, such as the Grafton Road, Speed Camera in Camden, UK, which rakes in about 2.5 Million Pounds in fines per year. That is not about Safety! It is about taxes!


We get great compliments on our Product Knowledge and Customer Support. Each radar laser detector has Full Warranty and we maintain a list of the BEST radar laser INSTALLERS! If you purchased a Radar Laser Detector from us, call for installer support! John's military experience is Marine Corps, A6 Radar Systems. Our Focus: Customer Support, Performance & Good Price providing superb radar & laser experience, news articles, test reviews, videos, installers.


Radar detector test completed on the Passport MAX 2 at SML for Escort Radar in June 2013. We test Beltronics, Passport Max, Valentine One and Escort Passport radar laser detectors. We are the Authorized Dealer for Blinder HP905, Beltronics and Escort Radar. How does K40 Difuser G5 or K40 Difuser EX compare to HP905 Quad, Laser Interceptor and ShifterPro? Call us on test results. Discuss a radar jammer, speed camera, radar detectors, laser jammers and photo blockers that you can buy.

1stRadarDetectors works with Speed Measurement Labs, SML, the radar laser authority. We do this to radar test the radar laser claims of various products. Most states and provinces have doubled or tripled the number of speeding tickets around the world, because tax funds have dropped. So, don’t be a victim! We radar test Beltronics and Escort Radar claims with SML to verify the best radar laser, such as Passport Mac, Passport 9500ix, STiR Plus, Passport 9500ci and Valentine One. Beltronics provides the STi Magnum and the STi-R Plus, which can be combined with a laser jammer. The very best radar laser combo package is the STiR Plus and HP-905 Quad, combined with a ProDB, Photo Blocker. Call to add a single Speed Camera Photo Blocker, normally $499.95, added at no additional cost to our Beltronics STiR Plus, Blinder HP905 Quad and HP905 Dual combo order. Consider the ShifterPro, Laser Shifter, which is based on Laser Interceptor technology. Call John at 720-635-3931.

Call us to discuss which radar laser detector is best to purchase from 1stRadarDetectors. Defeat traffic cameras with our photo blocker. Radar laser, photo speed camera and 3D GPS navigation are combined in the new SmartRadar from Escort Radar. Buy the laser jammer called HP905 laser jammer with best test results to defeat laser guns. Call us on Beltronics, Passport 9500ix, Valentine One, Valentine 1 or a laser jammer. The Passport 9500ci and Laser ShifterPro now provides WEB updates of the laser codes. The ProDB, Photo Blocker detects, blocks the camera image and alerts you to their attempt to photograph your license plate.


How does the Passport Max compare to the Passport 9500ix? How does Passport Max compare to Escort Redline and STi Magnum? Watch videos about defeating a laser jammer and speed camera. Discuss radar jammers and Photo Radar and Speed Camera Detectors. Laser ShifterPro provides laser diodes and WEB UPDATES. CycleWorld reviews the motorcycle radar detector.

Is it important to you the PRODUCT CLAIMS of the products you purchase are tested for actual performance?