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Valentine One, V1 Radar Detector

Valentine One is also called the V1 Radar detector. It is an excellent radar detector for the USA and Canada and it includes a directional display to the front, rear or side using two internal radar antennas. Read our radar detector reviews. It is a radarwarner and radar detector for Europe and Asia, but does not offer speed camera alerts, traffic camera alerts or WEB updates. The Valentine 1 is a well known radar detector. The dual, front and rear, radar antennas provide directional radar alerts and displays. Many people in Europe use the Valentine One as a speed camera detector, as well as a radar detector. Two radar antennas are included, one facing to the front and a second smaller antenna of the valentine one radar facing to the rear of your vehicle. Read our radar detector reviews. Combine the Valentine One with the ShifterPro, Laser Jammer, a dual laser jammer, the ShifterPro Quad or the Blinder HP905 Triple laser defense, and you will have a superb radar laser jammer and photo countermeasure system. Read our radar detector reviews.

The Valentine One is one of the six best radar detectors in the world. The V1 radar detector is highly desired as a photo radar detector. The Valentine 1 provides directional arrow alerts pointing in the direction of L, X, K, Ka superwide band, police laser, and instant-on police radar speed traps. Drivers in Europe should select the V1 Euro radar detector, Euro version, which alerts to radar traps as well as Euro photo radar frequencies. Combine the radar Valentine One with a laser jammer, Blinder HP905 Triple for the best radar detector and laser jammer combo package.

X, K, Ka Superwide and laser alerts are provided. Dual band (K band and Ka band) POP3 Burst radar detection is also provided in Canada and USA. The V1 radar detector is easy to set up and operate right out of the box, and is produced in the USA. Combine the Valentine 1 radar detector with a laser jammer, such as the Blinder HP905 for the best radar detector and best laser jammer package. Because it does not use GPS or memory, it does not have the capability to remember false radar locations, nor is it capable of marking or tagging known speed camera locations or speed trap locations.

Here is why the V1 radar detector is in the top radar detectors:

1) Only radar detector with front & rear antennas providing 360 degree alerts;

2) Excellent front police Ka band detection at 9 miles; best-in-test rear detection at 1.5 miles;

3) Excellent at detecting over-the-hill, hidden speed traps;

4) Only radar detector with Directional Arrow Alerts pointing in the direction (front, rear, side) of the trap;

5) USA & Canada X, K, Ka superwide, Laser; Instant-On, Dual Band POP3 radar detection;

6) Or program as a speed camera detector for European K, European Narrow band Ka Photo, Ku radar, Laser, Instant-On, Dual Band POP3 radar detection;

7) 100% invisible to radar detector detectors: VG-2, VG-4, not invisible to Spectre II, Spectre III, Spectre IV, OPP Spectre in Canada or Stalcar (used in AU and NZ) radar detector detectors

- Making the V1 Radar Detector a 4.5 Star product.

Intensity of signal, direction of signal and band of signal are also displayed. We also ship Valentine One detecteurs de radar to France. The V1 radar detector is used in USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. You can also order the Valentine One to provide narrow band Ka protection. Ka band is used throughout Europe and Australia as a speed camera detector to detect police photo speed traps. Ku band is used in Belgium, Northern France, Eastern Europe and Taiwan.

Review windshield mounted radar detector, the Valentine One, is a radarwarner and radar detector with directional radar alerts.

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