Screamer Alert for HP-905 Laser Jammer

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Laser Jammer

Screamer Alert for HP905, Blinder Laser Jammer

This Screamer Alert is for those people who want a louder alert from the Voice Alerts offered by the HP905 during a laser alert. The Screamer Alert supports all HP905 laser jammer products and connects to any Blinder HP905 Blue lead output to produce a LOUD Siren Alert that you will hear over any background noise. It includes an Audio Interrupter switch and LED alert. The Interrupter switch is used to temporarily disable the audio alert. The LED alert will turn on at the same time the audio alert turns on. This product can be used for any product that offers a mute radio line using a ground output.

The Screamer Alert has 3 wire connections:

1) Red lead connects to 12Vdc of vehicle

2) Black lead connects to Ground of vehicle

3) Green lead connects to the HP905 Blue wire, Radio Mute lead.

Solder and heat shrink each wire connection.


Screamer Alert Operation:

Interrupter Switch OFF prevents the Screamer Alert from alerting during HP905 start up and when you do not want the Screamer Alert to activate, such as when entering a speed trap

Interrupt Switch ON permits the Screamer Alert to provide an Audio alert when you turn on the HP905 and during laser alerts (We recommend OFF during initial Blinder Start Up 1st 60 seconds)

Interrupter Switch has a small purple LED ON when Power is applied to the Interrupt switch

Red Led turns on when the Blinder HP905 sends an alert signal to the Screamer Alert

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