Laser Jammer Laws in Texas

Texas implements laser blocker law. Jun 30, 2011 - NIWOT, CO -  Texas  Radar and Laser Jammer law. Source: Texas Statutes: Sec. 547.616.  Effective Sept. 01, 2011  Sec. 547.616. RADAR INTERFERENCE DEVICES; OFFENSE.  (a) In this section, "radar interference [...]

Audi Q5 Passport 9500ci ShifterPro Quad

Passport 9500ci and ShiafterPro, Quad laser shifter in the Audi Q5_2010 Jun 01, 2010 - NIWOT, CO - [...]

Beltronics STiRPlus Blinder HP-905Quad and Photo Blocker

Beltronics STiR Plus, Blinder HP905Quad, ProDB PhotoBlocker Mar 10, 2011 - Longmont, CO Beltronics designed the STi-R Plus radar detector and we added laser jammers and photo blockers for a superb radar laser jammer and photo blocker! BELTRONICS STi-R Plus Customer Installed radar module with dual radar antenna (small X and lar [...]

Speed Camera Traps

Speed Camera Detectors and Speed Camera Photo Blockers Apr 03, 2010 - NIWOT, CO -   [...]

Radar Detectors, Performance or Cost

Low Cost or High Performance Radar Detector? Which one is the best radar detector? Nov 16, 2009 - NIWOT, CO -   [...]

Speed Measurement Lab For 2009

Best Radar Detector, Best Laser Jammer, SML 2009 Jul 15, 2009 - NIWOT, CO -   [...]

Traffic Camera Traps

Speed Cameras are being used as highway tax. Jun 10, 2009 - NIWOT, CO -  President Barack Obama made few concrete statements as a candidate on the subject of transportation during the 2008 presidential campaign. There are several good radar detectors that will support your driving, if you encounter one of these photo radar cameras [...]

Tesla Roadster Radar Detector

Tesla Roadster needs radar, laser and photo. Mar 25, 2009 - NIWOT, CO - [...]

Police License Plate Reading

Mobile Plate Hunter 900, MPH-900 Jan 22, 2009 - NIWOT, CO -   [...]

Speed Cameras and Laser in France

Speed Cameras in France Dec 18, 2008 - NIWOT, CO - [...]